Monday, January 02, 2006

Wisconsin Hockey

Not too many observations from the Hockey games. Clearly, there's a reason Wisconsin is #1 in the nation. Goalie Brian Elliot allowed one goal per game and was named tournament MVP, notching 19 saves in the Championship game. The kid is stellar and was very enjoyable to watch.

The Badgers proved their versatility as 5 different players scored in the 5-1 victory over Northern Michigan to win the Showdown.

Despite being winter break, plenty of student along with the Alumni Band were their to taunt, Sieve and bash the opposing teams. There's nothing quite like an entire stadium standing up, whipping their hand around above their head and simultaneously yelling sieve at the goalie. My highlight was the row of white haired ladies participating in the demeaning of the goalie.

Students also got points when in the final 4 minutes, they stood up and started chanting Stand Up Old People. clap.clap. clapclapclap. Hilarious and effective, as the entire place was on it's feet shortly thereafter.

I'm currently switching between the Cotton and Outback Bowls, but I haven't been much attention to either.

In pregame blathering, Corso and Herbstreit basically denounced any chance Wisconsin had of stopping Auburn's offense, though did say that maybe the emotion of Alvarez's last game would allow us to keep the game close. The word emotion came up a record number of times between two guys who clearly have none.

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