Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TimberRattler Davis wins single A Home Run Derby

The single A All Star Game is happening in Fort Wayne this week and Brewer prospect and current T Rat Khris Davis rep-ed the team well by winning the Home Run Derby last night.

Davis hit a total of 25 home runs over three rounds to take the title.

Badger Trio gets high marks.

From UWBadgers.com, "
Rivals.com put up a story earlier this month ranking the top "triplets" in college football, meaning the team with the best combination of quarterback, running back and wide receiver.

The Badger trio of QB Scott Tolzien, RB John Clay and WR Nick Toon came in at No. 9 in the top-15 poll."

Here's what Rivals.com said about the Badgers' trio:
"The Badgers' trio isn't as flashy as some others on this list, but Tolzien, Clay and Toon get the job done. As usual at Wisconsin, a bruising running back is the centerpiece. Defenses know the 248-pound Clay will get plenty of work, but he still averages 5.4 yards per carry for his career. Although Wisconsin retains its run-first style, the Badgers are opening up the offense. Tolzien became the first Badgers quarterback to complete more than 200 passes in a season. In recent seasons, Wisconsin has relied extensively on its tight end in the passing game, but Toon figures to change that this season. He had 54 catches for 805 yards and four TDs last season."

Brewers Prospect Lawrie to play in MLB ASG Futures game

For the second straight year, Brett Lawrie will represent Canada on the World team during the All Star Game futures game.

Congrats Brett

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brewers win on walk-off sac bunt

In case you didn't see it, tonight the Brewers had a bit of a stolen base/hit and run on with Carlos Gomez on first base. He never slowed and took third when the ball was fielded and thrown to first for the out. The ball was then thrown to third to try and get Gomez out, but was overthrown and Gomez came home on the error.

Make sense?

If not, Disciples of Uecker broke down the play with diagrams to analyze the Cubs' defense of the situation. Check it out here.

The World Cup is Here!

The World Cup starts tomorrow with a 900 am CST match between host country South Africa and Mexico. That will be followed by Uruguay and France at 130 pm CST

Of course, all Americans should be ready to watch the US face England on Saturday at 130 CST on Saturday.

Also playing on Saturday are South Korea and Greece at 6 am and Argentina v. Nigeria
at 9 am.

The Nomad on Brady Street is having a block party and will be showing all games, as will Brocach, who's sign says they'll be open at 6 am and serving breakfast.

The Highbury Pub on Linclon and KK will be open for all games, as well.

Make sure you check out Ladies... for all your Group Hotties.
And former Lady, The Starter Wife, is doing amazing things with Group themed food on her blog, Black and Gold Tchotchkes.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Brewers finally release Jeff Suppan

With his $10 million contract hanging around our necks, Doug Melvin and Mark Attanasio seemed to be hoping for a miracle resurgence from Jeff Suppan this season. When it didn't happen, they didn't seem to know what to do with themselves - or him. Already stuck paying for Braden Looper and Bill Hall's contract while they're no longer on the team, the Brewers seemed loathe to admit to another wrong contract.

But with the emergence of Kameron Loe, Zach Braddock and John Axford, the Brewers could no longer make excuses for trotting Suppan out in low-leverage situations while he wasted a roster spot and we constantly had to shuffle to make room for arms that are performing better.

Melvin was a bit defensive about the Suppan signing, rattling off the contracts of all the other FA pitchers that were signed during the same off-season.

Adam McCalvy has all of Melvin's comments here.

From J-S' Tom Haudricourt's Brewers Blog, Suppan's statement:
As I expected, Jeff Suppan did not want to do interviews with reporters about his release by the Brewers today.

Instead, Suppan released the following statement:

"I want to thank Mark Attanasio and Doug Melvin for all they have done for my family and me, especially how they handled this situation. I"ve played with a number of organizations and the Brewers are one of the classiest.

"When I signed in 2007, I was committed to winning and to this day I still am. Nobody is more disappointed with how things have turned out. I enjoyed my time here in Milwaukee, as both a player and a member of the community. As such, I will continue my involvement with the Brewers Charities for the remainder of the 2010 season. My commitment to this cause and the people it serves is unwavering.

"I wish the current organization, its fans and especially my teammates all the best."

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Johnny Jolly could see lengthy jail time

The prosecution is saying Johnny Jolly "bought, sold, funded, transported and aided in the buying, selling, funding and transportation of illegal narcotics including cocaine and marijuana" in Harris County from 2006 through May 2008.

It seems as though this may be an unfortunate side effect of Jolly's looking to not receive any punishment from the league by pleading guilty to any lesser charges.

Per Greg A. Bedard from the Journal-Sentinel, "Jolly has had – and I’m pretty sure still does – multiple opportunities to plead his codeine charge out for much lesser charges but has chosen not to do so at every turn. Likely because Jolly knew he’d get suspended if he pled guilty to anything under the personal conduct policy. Jolly rolled the dice but not making this thing go away quickly, taking his medicine from Roger Goodell and just getting on with his career. By going to trial, Jolly risked other things coming up as the prosecution prepared for trial. Whether these allegations are true or not, Jolly evidently lost on that gamble because if he would have pled out, the only thing most people would think about Jolly is that he made a stupid decision two years. Now he’s viewed in a whole new light."

Bedard answers all kinds of questions surrounding the case here, but the most important one is this:
Q: Did the Packers have any clue that allegations of drug dealing could be connected to Jolly?

A: This, I think, is a huge and very important question. If the Packers knew about these allegations and thought they had any merit, why is Jolly still a member of the team let alone receiving a first-round tender at $2.5 million? If the Packers did know, did they just turn the other way and hope no one found out so their on-field team would be better?

I don’t know and I’m not sure we’ll ever know.

Circumstantial evidence – the drafting of Mike Neal and C.J. Wilson, and moving Ryan Pickett to left end – could be taken as a sign the Packers thought they could be without Jolly for sometime.

But I talked with eight veterans in the locker room on Wednesday and seven said they had never heard a single rumor about Jolly and drugs. If most of his teammates didn’t know, how could the Packers? That is entirely possible. But the Packers, like every other team, employ security personnel that are at least supposed to have some idea about what their players are up to off the field.

One player said he had heard the rumors and thought the Packers had to have some clue.

So, like I said, we don’t know, and I’m not sure we’ll ever know.