Thursday, June 10, 2010

The World Cup is Here!

The World Cup starts tomorrow with a 900 am CST match between host country South Africa and Mexico. That will be followed by Uruguay and France at 130 pm CST

Of course, all Americans should be ready to watch the US face England on Saturday at 130 CST on Saturday.

Also playing on Saturday are South Korea and Greece at 6 am and Argentina v. Nigeria
at 9 am.

The Nomad on Brady Street is having a block party and will be showing all games, as will Brocach, who's sign says they'll be open at 6 am and serving breakfast.

The Highbury Pub on Linclon and KK will be open for all games, as well.

Make sure you check out Ladies... for all your Group Hotties.
And former Lady, The Starter Wife, is doing amazing things with Group themed food on her blog, Black and Gold Tchotchkes.

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zbsports said...

Good news about the world cup actually I'm chasing every story about world cup...thanks!!!