Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cat-like reflexes on Reds C Ryan Hanigan as he hit the deck to dodge Gonzalez's thrown bat.
Welcome above the Mendoza line Mat Gamel!
Cam with 3 RBI already in the 3rd inning.
It's Cam's outfield, Braun.
That's twice this week that Braun and Cam have run into each other. Don't know about this time but the replay last time showed Cam talking the whole way.
Jason Kendall having trouble finding the ball behind the plate now, not just while at the plate.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Corey Hart sure looked content with his 3 pitch SO looking in the 4th. He strolled back to the dugout with the bat still on his shoulder.

J-S has a new home run database

There are many who aren't fans of the Journal-Sentinel, but you have to admit that they know how to do sports multi-media.

They're database of every Favre touchdown a few season ago was spectacular and now they have this, a database of every home run in the Brewers' Miller Park era.

Sort by opposing pitcher, stadium, hitter - you name it, you can find it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cards' Jason LaRue Almost Got Sausage'd

The Cardinals' Jason LaRue Nearly Gets Wienered from on Vimeo.

I heard about this on the radio this morning and couldn't believe I'd missed it. Thank god someone had video.

New York Times Notices the Brewers

This is a very good read about Trevor Hoffman and how he's fitting in in Milwaukee

And this is an NYT blog post about Todd Coffey's sprint to the mound

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


UW and Notre Dame discussing football series
By Jeff Potrykus of the Journal Sentinel
May. 26, 2009 4:30 p.m.

Madison - Wisconsin football fans longing for a nonconference game against a big-name program may soon get their wish.

UW athletic director Barry Alvarez said Tuesday during a radio interview on WTSO-AM (1070) in Madison that he is in talks with officials at Notre Dame.

The window being discussed, Alvarez said, is the 2012 through the 2015 season.

UW and Notre Dame have met in football 16 times, the last time coming in 1964.

Nine of the games have been played in Madison, four in South Bend, Ind., two in Milwaukee and one in Chicago.

Notre Dame leads the series, 8-6-2.

It is no secret Notre Dame’s program has struggled in recent seasons under coach Charlie Weis, who has a 29-21 record in four seasons. After posting a combined record of 19-6 in his first two seasons, Weis’ record in the last two seasons is just 10-15.

The Irish finished 7-6 last season. That included a 49-21 victory over Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl to snap a string of nine consecutive bowl losses.

Notre Dame last won a national championship in 1988, under Lou Holtz. Coincidentally, Alvarez was an assistant on that staff and two years later was named head coach at UW.

Nevertheless, Notre Dame’s name still carries a tremendous amount of prestige nationally. The Irish, who have an exclusive TV contract with NBC, have the No. 2 winning percentage in NCAA history (.736) behind Michigan (.738).

Monday, May 25, 2009

More on the possible trade for Peavy

Thanks to my friend Geoff for these links. Both the Journal-Sentinel and the LA Times had info on Peavy and Milwaukee.

Tom H. had this to say:

Peavy deal not impossible
Brewers could make a move

Posted: May. 23, 2009

Though San Diego ace Jake Peavy exercised his no-trade rights to veto a deal to the Chicago White Sox, you have to figure the cost-cutting Padres will continue to seek a trade.

Don't be surprised if the Milwaukee Brewers jump in at some point.

It was obvious by what the Sox put on the table that the Padres are looking for good, young pitchers in any deal for Peavy. Clayton Richard and Aaron Poreda, the top young pitchers in Chicago's system, were in the four-player package offered to San Diego.

That would seem to count out the Brewers, who have no pitching prospects to trade at the top of their farm system.

But, as suitors fall by the wayside because of Peavy's no-trade rights, the cost eventually could come down. Peavy backed the Padres farther into a corner by vetoing the White Sox trade and making it clear he prefers to stay in the National League.

That's where the Brewers might make their second bold move in two seasons. Peavy certainly would bend their finances, with an $11 million salary in 2009 and $52 million remaining on his deal over the next three years (including a buyout for 2013).

But owner Mark Attanasio makes his living in the financial world and knows how to be creative. Some payroll space will be created when Jeff Suppan's $12.5 million salary comes off the books after next season.

Despite his high salary, Peavy is more attractive in a trade because he'll be around at least three more years. Last season, the Brewers knew when they acquired CC Sabathia from Cleveland they'd probably lose him to free agency afterward.

Whether the Brewers could come up with the players it would take to do such a deal is debatable. General manager Doug Melvin has said he has no inclination to trade his top two prospects, third baseman Mat Gamel and shortstop Alcides Escobar.

But keep in mind this regime has shown it will think out of the box. The Brewers did so when they traded top prospect Matt LaPorta and others for Sabathia, shocking the rest of the baseball world.

This is a team that fired manager Ned Yost with 12 games to go last season over fears he was making the team too tight and a team that offered Sabathia $100 million to stay before the Yankees blew that offer out of the water.

After watching the bench struggle for more than a month this season, a series of moves was made, signing veteran Frank Catalanotto to a minor-league deal, summoning Gamel to the majors and trading for San Diego outfielder Jody Gerut. More proactive moves from a proactive regime.

Rest assured that internal discussions about Peavy already have been held in the Brewers' offices. You can bet closer Trevor Hoffman has told his former teammate about the close-knit clubhouse. Word has it that Ryan Braun and Peavy even exchange e-mails.

So, should the increasingly desperate Padres decide at some point they can part with Peavy without getting top-notch pitching prospects in exchange, don't be shocked if the Brewers make their presence known. Attanasio, Melvin and their staffs are big thinkers in a small market.

When you operate like that, big things are possible.

And from the LA Times:


Milwaukee would seem to suit Jake Peavy

After their failed bid to keep Sabathia, the Brewers seem to make the most sense in a trade for the Padres' ace.
May 24, 2009

Peavy brewing for Milwaukee?

The Milwaukee Brewers energizing their team and their fans by trading for a stud pitcher? They did it with CC Sabathia last year, and they could do it with Jake Peavy this year.
We're told the Brewers are exploring whether to bid for Peavy, and they could emerge as the most realistic trade partner for the San Diego Padres.

After the Padres gave Peavy a no-trade clause, they asked him for a list of teams to which he might prefer to be traded. He shrugged and offered the Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros and St. Louis Cardinals.

The Padres whiffed in winter talks with the Braves and Cubs; a prolonged franchise sale could hinder another Cubs bid. The Astros and Cardinals would be reluctant to guarantee $70 million, which would keep Peavy under contract through 2013. The Padres would rather stop selling fish tacos than trade Peavy to the Dodgers.

Peavy vetoed a deal with the Chicago White Sox last Thursday, and his agent reminded everyone the pitcher wants to stay in the National League. Peavy could pitch for a contender in Milwaukee, with Trevor Hoffman saving his victories once again.

The Brewers offered Sabathia $100 million last winter, so they could tap that special reserve for Peavy. They signed a fat new cable deal last month. And, with attendance down in most markets amid the recession, the Brewers' attendance is up, way up, by an average of 2,000 people per game.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well Crap!

This doesn't bode well for us...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Peavy and the Brewers?

I only have access to Google websites at work, which means I can use Blogger, but I am denied all other access. I saw a link on about why the Brewers and Jake Peavy are a perfect fit and demanded someone send me the text of the article via email.

This is the link, so you can see where it came from.

Here’s the text:

With the White Sox not working out, Jorge Says No! renews his long-held belief that the Brewers are the best destination for Jake Peavy, citing, among other things, the stability of Peavy's contract situation and the fact that the Brewers have a lot to offer in terms of prospects. He finishes with this:
Many of the same reasons why I thought the Brewers should go after Peavy in December have remained almost identical to now. But the major difference is that the Brewers have played very good ball so far this season and have proved to the rest of the league that they are for real. The goal is no longer to replace Sabathia and Sheets, but instead, to make a major push towards the playoffs in 2009.
When it comes down to it, the opportunity to add a top flight starting pitcher rarely presents itself nowadays. The Brewers need to at least explore the market for Peavy and see if there is any chance of making this a reality.
I can't say I disagree with any of that. And if I were Milwaukee, I'd move quickly, because the faster they move, the more likely it is that the pressure will increase on Peavy to finally approve one of these trades lest he look like a prima donna. If they wait too long, that pressure will dissipate.

There are two key issues here – I think.

First, I’m not sure I would want to give up the prospects that would likely be necessary to complete this trade. One can assume that Mat Gamel and Alcides Escobar would at least be talked about. I’m not familiar enough with the Padres to know what their needs are, so I’m not sure what they’d be looking for.

I know it will be impossible to keep the team (and our top prospects) as they are now, but I’m really wary to screw with the crop of guys we have. I’m aware that it’s inevitable, but the best thing this team has going for it is the team chemistry and I’m loathe to do anything to mess that up.

There’s also the matter of salary to consider.

And that leads to the second issue – Peavy’s attitude about this trade. He’s well on his way to a Diva label here and because of the aforementioned chemistry, I’m really worried about bringing this guy into our clubhouse.

Can we assume that Trevor Hoffman and Mike Cameron, both former teammates of Peavy’s, would be able to help him fit in and keep him in check?

Will Cam and Hoffman be advocating for Peavy to be a Brewer? I think that will be an extremely telling sign. Cam lobbied long and hard both to the Brewers and to Trevor Hoffman in order to get that trade to happen. If Cam doesn’t do that now, doesn’t that tell us something about the opinion Peavy’s teammates have of him?

The White Sox situation is questionable because the trade was all but finished when Peavy exercised his no trade clause. It’s hard to imagine that both teams would have spent the time hammering out a trade without checking with Peavy first. It would have been foolish of both teams to have gotten that far along in the process without checking to see if Peavy would exercise his no-trade clause. Does that then mean that Peavy changed his mind or reneged?

Talked to a White Sox fan today who said she wasn’t sure she wanted Peavy after all the negative talk. We both wholeheartedly agreed that no matter what, we don’t want Peavy to become a Cub.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Roster Moves

Newest rumors have both Chris Duffy and Hernan Iribarren will be sent back down to Nashville before the Interleague series with the Twins. Gerut will be put on the roster and the other spot is for RJ Swindle and his slow curve ball of doom.

The Twins have three left-hand batting starters, so it's not the stupidest idea I've heard, but if you'd told me a week ago we'd be doing this much roster switching, I'd have thought you were nuts...

Brewers Trade Tony Gwynn, Jr to Padres

The Brewers just traded Tony Gwynn, Jr. to the San Diego Padres for CF Jody Gerut. The rumor cam from a SD radio station and Tom H of the Journal-Sentinel got it confirmed.

From the J-S: “Gerut, 31, was batting .221 with four home runs and 14 RBI in 37 games with the Padres. He had a .248 on-base percentage and .381 slugging percentage. He is on a one-year deal with a $1.775 million salary.”

Off the cuff, this seems like a weird move – the Brewers don’t need a center fielder.

That being said, we’ve been trying to move TGJ for quite awhile. He cleared waivers at the end of Spring Training. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if we took ANY viable offer for him.

Because of his father and the legend he is in SD, TGJ’s value to the Padres is far inflated over what any other team would give for him. It also means he’s got enormous shoes to fill and those of us that have seen him play know it’s not going to happen.

Chris Duffy is the guy on the Brewers bench that can back up our outfielders, so this move doesn’t bode well for him and his .125 BA this season.
Gerut is also a left-handed hitter, meaning if he is put on the roster, the only right-handed pinch-hitting option is back up catcher Mike Rivera.

Playing devil’s advocate – could this be giving us a viable center fielder so that Mike Cameron can be used as trade bait for a second baseman to replace Rickie Weeks?

This is the final season of Cam’s contract here in Milwaukee and while it’s a bit early for the trade season, Rickie’s injury has forced our hand.

It’s clear that the club isn’t sure what to do about filling Rickie’s spot. The first news was that the Brewers were going to check the trade and free agent market for a replacement. Then it was said that the replacement would come from within the organization.

I personally would be really upset if we lost Cam. I’m already advocating for re-signing him and I’d be sad if we lost him this early in the season.

The Tom H post says that Frank Catalanotto will be called up to the majors within the next week, but doesn’t speculate as to whether or not Gerut will stay up or head to AAA.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Look Brewers

The loss of Rickie Weeks as well as the loss of the off day has left the Brewers scrambling to cover the second base spot.

Hernan Iribarren was called up from AAA Nashville and SS Alcides Escobar will be getting some starts with Nashville at second so that we have a backup to our backup in case of emergency.

Today's lineup looks like this

RF Hart
3B Hall
LF Braun
1B Fielder
CF Cameron
SS Hardy
C Rivera
2B McGehee
P Bush

Corey Hart got into the spirit of things by shaving his head (a small cheer for the death of the Elvis/Abe Lincoln mullet) and sporting high pants/socks today.

Jason Kendall gets 2,000th hit

Congratulations go out to Jason Kendall on getting his 2,000th hit on Monday. Jason became just the eighth catcher to hit that milestone. He joins the company of Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, Gary Carter, Carlton Fisk, Ted Simmons, Mike Piazza and Ivan Rodriguez.

That’s pretty elite company for Kendall. A lot of folks in Milwaukee have been down on him and have advocated not letting him bat in crucial spots in the later innings of close games this season, but you’ve got to respect this milestone and that Kendall has 150 or more hits in eight of his 14 major league seasons.

Way to go, Jason! I, for one, am happy you’re in a Brewers uniform!

Monday, May 18, 2009

LOVE that were getting a Cards radio feed all the way up to Rockford, but we can't believe that we are missing this game!
Congratulations Mat Gamel on your first major league start and subsequent first ML homerun! I'll say it now - this kid is clutch!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Favre to Vikings Already a Done Deal?

Hat tip to UniWatch for the link, but this article from talks about Favre's bicep tear and says that Minnesota has nothing to worry about. It reads as though the ink is already dry on the contract.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Busch rain delay

Holy crap did this storm move in quick. We had time for a beer and bratzel - yes that's a brat wrapped in a pretzel - before the great flood arrived. Never seen rain fall like this before. Swirls into the top and then falls straight once its out of the super strong winds. Unreal - makes me appreciate MP even more

More Favre douchebaggery!

Ed Werner on SportsCenter was talking about Favre looking into surgery for a torn biceps muscle and said that Favre didn't want to do the surgery because he didn't want to go through the 3-6 weeks of rehab.

3-6 weeks!!!! That's a long time, you know? I mean, a month to be pain free for the rest of your life - that's a lot of commitment.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gone Watchin'

Out to St. Louis through Monday for some Brewers/Cardinals baseball. Watch for some MoBlogging and some pictures and make sure you check BrewCrewBall for some more info and Tuesday morning Ladies... post.

Have a happy, safe weekend everybody.

Nelson out, Gamel in

Rumors were all over the place last night when it broke that Mat Gamel had left AAA Nashville to head to Milwaukee.

It was assumed that Gamel would be called up and join the team for interleague as a DH, but that series isn’t for another week, so the move is a bit of a surprise.

There was speculation that Bill Hall was being traded. Late in last night’s game, JJ Hardy left with a headache (or, as GameDay called it, a “head injury”) fueling even more rumors about a trade.

Sadly for struggling Brad Nelson, it was nothing that exciting. Nelson was outrighted to Nashville (he’s out of options) and Gamel was called up.

Nelson hit .354 in Spring Training, earning himself a spot on the Opening Day roster. Sadly, he’s been 0-for-21 since then, sealing his fate.

Gamel, on the other hand, is taking the Prince Fielder route to a major league career. Similar to how the team eased Prince (then the top prospect) into the majors in 2004 with some DH appearances and a chance to pinch hit on occasion, Gamel is supposed to be in uniform for today’s noon start.

He’ll likely stick around for a week or so through the Twins series and then head back to Nashville in order to continue to get regular at-bats and work on not having so many errors.

Poor Brad Nelson. He used to be a Brewers top prospect. Picked just two rounds behind JJ Hardy in 2001, he’s languished in AAA while Hardy and many other Brewers farm guys made it to the majors.

After two solid years at Nashville and a Spring Training where it looked like he could do no wrong, it seemed like Nelson would be a solid bench player for Milwaukee. And while he is still hitting the ball out of the stadium during BP (reportedly six in a row to the second deck of the right field bleachers two days ago), he can’t seem to make it happen in game.

Because he’s out of options and has been outrighted once before, he actually has the choice of accepting the DFA or not. He told MLB that he was going to hang out in Milwaukee for a few days while he decides.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wes Helms Can't Understand Why No One Likes Him

A friend just sent me the text of this article, which I’m pretty sure is from ESPN.
Poor Wes Helms. No one hates him because of what he did when he played for the Brewers. But ever since he left, he’s been a Brewer killer. Whether starting or just pinch hitting, the man can do no wrong at Miller Park.

Sorry Wes, we didn’t mean to give you a complex. We just don’t like how for the longest time players that were only decent here went on to become worthwhile elsewhere and then come back to Milwaukee and destroy us.

DENVER — Wes Helms is anxious to see the kind of reception he'll getwhen the Marlins arrive in Milwaukee for a three-game series thatstarts Tuesday.
Helms, a former Brewer, was booed mercilessly on his last two visitsto Miller Park.
"Last year, I stayed in my (hotel) room," he said.
But this will be his first visit to Milwaukee since his home run onSept. 28 helped the Marlins knock the Mets out the playoffs, whichsealed a post-season spot for the Brewers. Helms' home run was shownon the scoreboard that day at Miller Park, where fans erupted in athunderous ovation.
"I can probably eat all the cheese I want (in Milwaukee) next season,"he said after the game at Shea Stadium.
On Sunday, Helms wasn't sure if he'll get cheers this week, let aloneany cheese.
"I don't know what they're going to do. They might throw rocks at me,"said Helms, who is puzzled by the recent chilly receptions he hasreceived. He played well in his three seasons as a Brewer (2003-05).
"I can understand Philly booing me because I struggled there, butMilwaukee? I had good years there," he said. "I never said anything inthe paper. I never did anything, so I don't know. Part of the game, Iguess."
Helms is looking forward to one thing:
"Actually, I'll leave my room on my off-day."

A few hints, Wes. When trying to endear yourself to a city’s fans, don’t stereotype them (hello, eating cheese) and don’t take credit for their post-season appearance. I’m just sayin…

Friday, May 08, 2009

Green Bay Packers Going to American Idol Finale?

If this is true, it’s seriously one of the oddest sports crossovers I’ve heard in awhile.

American Idol top 3 contestant Danny Gokey is from Milwaukee and he’s in town today to get footage for Idol to show during next week’s show. They call it hometown heroes and the contestants go back home and do parades and performances.

Danny will be at the Harley stage at the Summerfest grounds and will also be doing the National Anthem and throwing out the first pitch at tonight’s Brewers game.

The city’s really rallied around Danny and the oddest “fans” have to be Aaron Rodgers, Ruvell Martin, Greg Jennings and Nick Barnett. They’ve done a couple of commercial-type “Good Luck” shots for the local Fox station (since AI is a Fox show). And apparently they did a video and sent it out to LA for him. And they’ll be at the concert at Summerfest tonight.

Well, Gokey and Rodgers just officially met while at a local radio station and Rodgers said that the Packers would be at the American Idol finale.

Who knows if he’s kidding or not, but it would be pretty funny if they scan over to the crowd and the tag on the bottom says Danny’s Family and Friends and there are four Green Bay Packers standing there.

On Manny...

Go over to Ladies... for some thoughts on the Manny debacle.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

That's right, I've got Ken Macha's ear

At the end of last month, I posted a look over at Brew Crew Ball at how many outs the Brewers were making on the bases.

During tonight's pre-game show, Davey Nelson and Telly were noting that while all things seem to be going right for the Brewers, one of the things he's no longer going to accept is outs on the bases.

You know, as though this is a new concept!

We can only hope this is the end of the ridiculousness

The Minnesota Vikings will not sign free-agent quarterback Brett Favre(notes), a source close to the team told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday.

In a phone call that took place sometime in the last day, the source said Favre told Vikings coach Brad Childress that he wanted to remain retired. Favre is expected to publicly explain his decision soon.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Congratulations Carlos Corporan!

He's also going 1-1, one major league AB, one hit!

Poor guy had to have his first major league AB against a SS, but a hit is a hit.

Bienvenidos to the Major Leagues, Carlos!

Reds Pitching Staff Fail

Their starting SS, Janish, is currently pitching. And he just struck out JJ Hardy. Basically, he's 1 batter faced, 1 K, which is the best showing from any Reds pitcher tonight.

I've been laughing for at least 5 minutes over this...

This is on Adam McCalvy's MLB blog.

The Brewers have been on fire of late, but one of their coaches took things a bit too far on Monday night.

pants.jpgEd Sedar, Milwaukee's fun-loving first base coach, stood too close to the portable heater stationed at the end of the dugout after the Brewers' eighth-inning rally and was spared a potentially serious burn on his left calf by pitcher Jeff Suppan and an extra pair of socks. Thankfully, all Sedar had to show for his mistake was the pair of burned uniform pants put on display in PNC Park's visitor's clubhouse Tuesday afternoon.

"Suppan yelled out, 'Somebody's burning!'" Sedar said with a chuckle. "Luckily, I wear two pairs of socks. It had just started on the second pair of socks when 'Soup' said he smelled something."

Thank goodness Suppan didn't have a cold.

"I probably would have felt it," Sedar shrugged. "The worst part is that I was thinking earlier, 'That's a little dangerous.' I guess it's funny that it happened to me."

Sedar had to hustle into the clubhouse for a new pair of pants before the Brewers batted in the top of the ninth inning. He made it in time for a four-run rally that sealed Milwaukee's 16th consecutive win over the Pirates.

Dude, it's gotta be the socks

Manny Parra went back to the high socks and (as I knew they would) they brought the mojo to the whole team.

Parra's gotten little to no run support this year. In fact, his run support has dropped 3.07 runs-per-game from last year to this season.

The rain-delay information included a note that Mike Cameron jokingly told Parra on the bus yesterday that to get a win he just needed to pitch a shutout and hit a home run. Easy!

But the Brewers have changed the run support stat a bit - JJ Hardy's 3-run homer in the first inning and Ryan Braun's grand slam in the second have helped the Brewers amass a 9-0 lead, chasing Bronson Arroyo before he recorded an out in the second inning. His ERA went from 4.75 to 7.15 in just about 40 pitches.

Brewers have switched from Pirates killers to Reds killers and Bill Hall's not even playing!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Just received this text from my brother:

ESPN News - Werder: QB Brett Favre to meet with Vikings coach Brad Childress to discuss possible return to NFL.

Is there anyone out there who thinks the contract isn’t already signed?

Also, do you think Favre lost a bet in which the punishment is to alienate Packers fans in as many ways possible? Or is he really just that vindictive/that much of an ass?

I mean, there’s no way going to play with a division rival isn’t just a big one-finger salute.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Brewers win another one in dramatic fashion

This game had it all -

Bill Hall started in left and subsequently left with a hamstring cramp in the second inning

Chris Duffy replaced Hall in left field and made a beautiful catch while running into the wall

Mike Cameron also ran into the wall, though he didn't make the catch. For awhile it looked like we'd lose outfielders in consecutive innings and be subjected to a Duffy, Nelson, Hart outfield!

Ryan Braun stayed in Milwaukee to have an MRI, arrived late to the game when they weren't sure he'd get there at all, pinch-hit and drove in two runs on a sad little bloop single to right that landed somewhere between the back-pedaling infielders and the charging outfielders

Rickie Weeks having a career game on both defense and offense

Having the game on the line in the 9th with Kendall, Counsell and Hardy in line to bat and it actually ending up in a run!

Trevor Hoffman's first road save for the Brewers
Also, there was an interesting graphic during the FSN broadcast - thought it was worth sharing for those who didn't see it. Since it was broadcast during tonight's game, it only included stats for the first 15 wins.

Brewers Pirates

Wins 15 0

Total Runs 96 40

Runs in the 7th inning+ 34 11

Home Runs 22 9

Bullpen ERA 1.77 8.08

Brewers scored 5 runs off the Pirates' bullpen tonight.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Hoffman with the 8 pitch 2K save.
Trevor Hoffman just threw the 100th K at MP this season
Dave Bush had a two hit shut out into the 7th when he gave up three solo home runs. Awesome.