Monday, May 11, 2009

Wes Helms Can't Understand Why No One Likes Him

A friend just sent me the text of this article, which I’m pretty sure is from ESPN.
Poor Wes Helms. No one hates him because of what he did when he played for the Brewers. But ever since he left, he’s been a Brewer killer. Whether starting or just pinch hitting, the man can do no wrong at Miller Park.

Sorry Wes, we didn’t mean to give you a complex. We just don’t like how for the longest time players that were only decent here went on to become worthwhile elsewhere and then come back to Milwaukee and destroy us.

DENVER — Wes Helms is anxious to see the kind of reception he'll getwhen the Marlins arrive in Milwaukee for a three-game series thatstarts Tuesday.
Helms, a former Brewer, was booed mercilessly on his last two visitsto Miller Park.
"Last year, I stayed in my (hotel) room," he said.
But this will be his first visit to Milwaukee since his home run onSept. 28 helped the Marlins knock the Mets out the playoffs, whichsealed a post-season spot for the Brewers. Helms' home run was shownon the scoreboard that day at Miller Park, where fans erupted in athunderous ovation.
"I can probably eat all the cheese I want (in Milwaukee) next season,"he said after the game at Shea Stadium.
On Sunday, Helms wasn't sure if he'll get cheers this week, let aloneany cheese.
"I don't know what they're going to do. They might throw rocks at me,"said Helms, who is puzzled by the recent chilly receptions he hasreceived. He played well in his three seasons as a Brewer (2003-05).
"I can understand Philly booing me because I struggled there, butMilwaukee? I had good years there," he said. "I never said anything inthe paper. I never did anything, so I don't know. Part of the game, Iguess."
Helms is looking forward to one thing:
"Actually, I'll leave my room on my off-day."

A few hints, Wes. When trying to endear yourself to a city’s fans, don’t stereotype them (hello, eating cheese) and don’t take credit for their post-season appearance. I’m just sayin…

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