Friday, September 29, 2006

It's Hockey Time! It's Hockey Time! It's Hockey Time!

It's officially fall, as I'm attending my first hockey game of the season tonight. It's a preseason/exhibition game for the Milwaukee Admirals. You'll remember they were runner's up in their league last year.

The game's being played at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and I'm really excited, as that's an awesome venue. We discovered MSOE late in the season last year, so we only saw one game there, but I'm hooked. It will be great to see the Admirals that up close and personal.

In other hockey news, Wisconsin goalie Brian Elliot and defender Kyle Klubertanz were named preseason All-Americans.

Elliot was named All-American following last season's title run when "he led the nation in wins, goals-against average and save percentage, while also sharing the national lead in shutouts. One of three finalists for the Hobey Baker Memorial Award, and the only one returning to college hockey, he set the WCHA record for shutout streaks during a stretch in the postseason. The 2006 NCAA Midwest Regional Most Outstanding Player, he was also named to the 2006 NCAA Frozen Four All-Tournament Team." (this info from the press release - seen here)

We're one week and counting away from their season.

The Women's hockey team opens their season tonight and tomorrow. Their championship banner will be hung from the rafters of the Kohl Center tonight. The women were recently named consensus preseason #1 and were also picked to win their conference. They're returning 17 girls from last year's squad, including 7 seniors.

Their title defense begins at 7pm, against Quinnipiac

Thursday, September 28, 2006

One more time (in a second line)

This article will take a bit of your time to read, but I really hope that you find a few spare moments and take the time to read it.

Surprisingly heartfelt and thorough, it's an profile of the journey the New Orleans SuperDome has taken over the past year, from hell-hole to monument of renewal. It's extremely well-written and gets an angle on the story that we haven't heard yet (incredibly difficult at this point) - that of the Construction Workers and Engineers.


New Orleans is a city that seeps into your soul.

It can be slow. It can be backward. It can be hotter and more humid than anywhere I've ever been. It can be welcoming. It can be familiar. It can be home.
Despite it's difficulties, regardless of the slow pace to get back to "normal" I think I can honestly say I'd move back there in a minute.

There are some places that you just have to really and truly experience for yourself. Pictures, books and stories don't do them justice. Neither does only visiting the tourist hot spots.

New Orleans is one of these places.

New Orleanians are a fiercely proud. They are incredibly self-aware. They never want to leave. It's not like Texans, who are incredibly proud to be from Texas, but are spread Worldwide. New Orleanians - they don't leave. They're so incredibly proud of New Orleans that they can't imagine bothering to go anywhere else.

Despite the poor school systems and the often backwards politics. They wouldn't have it any other way.

A hurricane doesn't change that.

I think maybe a lot of locals would say I'm not enough of a New Orleanian to talk about this place like it's my own. But the city inspires a sense of ownership. You don't love New Orleans in spite of it's problems, you love it because of it's problems. I'm not sure if that's ok, or correct in this day in age, but it's the truth.

For long before Katrina, New Orleans was a city of shortcomings. It's long been the city that people forgot. As long as Bourbon Street still provides tittilation, people don't care about what else is going on. So even though we know that their public education is a joke, or the police are corrupt, or racism is rampant, we kind of just don't care. We act as if those are just odd, unusual quirks - the strange things we accept, because that's what you do with the things you love - you accept their faults.

I mourn the New Orleans that was because that's the New Orleans that will never be again. I'm not enough of an idealist to think that things will ever go back to the way they were - and I'm afraid that's going to change the very composition of the city.

Brewer's developments

This is very, very interesting. But is it good or bad?

THURSDAY, Sept. 28, 2006, 12:05 p.m.By Tom Haudricourt
Brewers dismiss Wynegar, Nelson
St. Louis - The Brewers announced today that hitting coach Butch Wynegar and first base coach Dave Nelson will not be offered contracts for the 2007 season.

The announcement was made by general manager Doug Melvin, who said Wynegar and Nelson will remain with the club though the final series of the season against St. Louis.

Melvin said the rest of the coaching staff has been invited back for next season but bench coach Robin Yount said a few days ago he hasn't decided if he'll come back in that role for 2007. Yount said he had to discuss it with his wife, Michele, to see if it's right for the family.

The others invited back are third base coach Dale Sveum, pitching coach Mike Maddux and bullpen coach Bill Castro.

The Brewers had injuries to several key players this season but Wynegar paid the price for an offense that continually underachieved. The Brewers rank 15th among the 16 National League teams in batting average (.258) and strikeouts (1,204), 14th in runs scored (709) and 13th in on-base percentage (.327) and walks (489).

"We admire the work that Butch and Dave contributed to this organization," said Melvin. "We hold them in high regard. They both have great work ethic and are good baseball people. "We just felt that there were areas of our club that did not improve over the last couple of seasons and we are hoping to get better in those areas." Wynegar and Nelson, who also coaches the outfielders, both are in their fourth seasons on the Brewers' staff. They were hired after Ned Yost took over as manager before the 2003 season. The Brewers also announced that strength and conditioning specialist Rick Spenner will not be offered a contract for the 2007 season.

Big Changes here at Cute Sports Central

Ok, so first things first is that I'm going to be guest blogging over at Badger Sports for about two weeks.

He's going out of the country and asked yours truly to fill in. I don't know how much content there will be to go around, so it's likely that I'll just be linking to him here. However, anything non-Badger realted will still be appearing here.

I'm sure it sound confusing, but don't worry, I'll link and point you in the right direction.

Secondly, Cute Sports will be moving in the near future. I've hooked up with a local newspaper, called the Shepherd Express and I will be blogging for them.

Don't look for major content changes, as they already like what it is I'm doing. Why mess with perfection, right?! HA HA HA!

As far as I can tell, all that will change is the URL and the fact that I'll be receiving (minor) compensation.

I do hope that any readers I do have will follow me over to that URL. This should bring good exposure to Cute Sports. Sports is a new addition to their coverage, so we'll be bringing the glory of Wisconsin sports to the masses (or, you know, small groups of people who read an alt. weekly)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I did NOT know that...

Ok, its rather convaluted how I got here, and I'll refrain from embarassing myself with the story, but I was on Wikipedia tonight and was looking for something about the University of Wisconsin and found the lists of notable alumni at Madison and Milwaukee. There were a few surprises ... and I'm from here, so I know that you all won't believe it. So here you go.

Maybe no one else finds this interesting, but I do ....

University of Wisconsin-Madison alumni include:

*Stephen Ambrose, noted historian
*Lynne Cheney, Second Lady (Dick Cheney was also there briefly, as a doctoral candidate)
*Joan Cusack, actress
*Joyce Carol Oates, novelist
*Jane Kaczmarek, actress (native Wisconsinite)
*Eudora Welty, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist
*Tom Wopat, actor/musician (He was the original Luke Duke on Dukes of Hazzard and he's a native Wisconsinite)
*Boz Scaggs (Wm. Royce Scaggs), musician AND
*Steve Miller, musician(left school six credit-hours short of a degree) (and a native Milwaukeean)
*Frank Lloyd Wright (attended), architect
*David Zucker, movie director/producer
*Jerry Zucker, movie director/producer (native Milwaukeeans)
*Charles Lindbergh, aviator
*Jim Lovell, astronaut, Apollo 13 mission
*Brewster Shaw, astronaut, Space Shuttle Columbia; former director, Space Shuttle Operations, NASA
*Greta Van Susteren, broadcaster and news analyst, Fox News Channel (native Wisconsinite)
*Arthur C. Nielsen Sr., founder of AC Nielsen (TV ratings and market research)
*Iajuddin Ahmed, President of Bangladesh
*Gaylord Nelson, former U.S. Senator, Wisconsin governor and founder of Earth Day
*John Muir, naturalist, founder of the Sierra Club

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee alumni include:

*Golda Meir ('17, Education), a founder of the State of Israel and fourth Prime Minister of Israel.
*Frank Caliendo ('96 BA, Mass Communications), noted stand-up comedian
*Alan Kulwicki (‘77 BS Mechanical Engineering), 1992 Winston Cup champion, first NASCAR Cup champion to hold a college degree. Died April 1st 1993 in a plane crash returning from Bristol, TN, at age 38.

Ok, so clearly there aren't as many from UWM, but you didn't know that Golda Meir went there and frankly, that out alumni's most places.

Since I was on the kick, I looked up notable alumni from my tiny little school to see if there were more than I knew of and any that you all would even know who they are.

Loyola University New Orleans notable alumni:

*Col. John Bourgeois, '51 former director of the United States Marine Band, “The President’s Own,”
*Cassandra McWilliams Chandler, ’84, Assistant Director of Training, Federal Bureau of Investigation
*Dr. Gregory R. Choppin, ’49, discoverer of Element Md 101-Mendelevium
*Manuel A. Esquivel, ’62, former Prime Minister of Belize
*John M. Jones, ’73, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Green Bay Packers
*Ellis Marsalis, ’86, nationally known jazz pianist and recording artist.
*Abby Terkuhle, ’77, president, MTV Animation, and creative director, MTV, New York

and, you know, of course, yours truly! Ha!

Wisconsin Men's Hockey begins season as it ended it...

The first poll is out and the Wisconsin Badgers Men's Hockey Team is tied for first place with the team it defeated to win the National Championship, the Boston College Eagles.

According to the results in this article, the Badgers received more first place votes than BC (17 to 10) but the other ballots tended to have UW ranked behind BC, evening things out into a tie.

The range of opinions on UW reflects the program's heavy offseason losses to graduation and early departure after the national championship, while BC returns comparatively more of its core talent.
The next five slots in the poll were headed by No. 6
North Dakota, which earned one first-place pick. The Fighting Sioux were followed by Michigan (two first-place votes), No. 8 Miami, ninth-ranked Denver and then No. 10 New Hampshire.
Maine was No. 11, followed by three straight ECACHL teams: Harvard, Cornell and then Colgate, which garnered the remaining first-place vote to start the season.

Geaux Saints!

For some reason I'm still not understanding, my brother picked Atlanta in his pick 'em league.
I'm fairly certain he's the only person who didn't think the Saints were predestined to win that game.

But watching all the footage and talking over and over about what happened was absolutely bittersweet and I had goosebumps for most of the intro.

I'm really happy to see my city on it's way back. I think that getting the SuperDome up and running was absolutely crucial. I know that opponents said that spending that kind of money there was not ok and that the money could have better been spent in other parts of the city, and while I understand where they're coming from, I disagree.

The SuperDome is important to the city, and not just for the symbolic renewal that occurred last night.
It's important for New Orleans to have an economic future and the SuperDome is and can be at the center of that. It's important for the SuperDome to be able to bid for future events, like Final Fours and Super Bowls. Those things are huge economic boons and the city needs to be able to host these again for the money that they bring in. Having the SuperDome online allows them to begin the process of courting these types of events.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Brewers go on winning streak, despite the fact that they no longer matter...

It's football season and my team is so far from contention....

But that hasn't stopped them from proving exactly how disappointing this season was.

If this team can take 2 of 3 from St. Louis and sweep the Giants (with Barry hitting homers in two seperate games), why are they ten games below .500?

While I'm happy that this team has seemed to find a rhythm and I'm extremely happy to see some of the young guys playing well and trying to earn a spot, it makes me wonder why some of these changes didn't happen earlier. These lineups chock full of young guns have combined for more runs and hits then we were able to put up at any other time in the season.

And don't get me started on Geoff Jenkins. I've made it perfectly clear how useless I find him, and he proved me right by "getting hot" about 3 seconds after we were mathematically eliminated.

But now we end the season by heading out the road, so never fear, those lovable losers will be back again.

Hooray! The Packers won't be winless!

Ok, so let's get it out of the way. I know we only played the Lions. No need to point that out.

But you've got to start somewhere.

This year, somewhere was Detroit, where Brett Favre became only the 2nd member of the 400 TD club, and Ahman Green surpassed 10,000 career yards.

Of course, there were down points two. Both Green and Noah Herron coughed up the ball, leaving them each with 2 lost fumbles this season. We were lucky this didn't change the face of the game. We cough it up twice against a more formidable opponent and we won't be able to recover.

The best part of yesterday's game was that Favre connected with 10 different receivers for a total of 340 yards, including that 400th pass for a 75 yard TD to rookie Greg Jennings.

I'm much heartened by how the team played in the past two games, despite last week's loss. No one thought this would be a SuperBowl season, but I'd rather not be the worst team in the league! The 80s are still too fresh in my memory and I'm not prepared to do it again. I'll thank you to not remind me what it was like with The Magic Man at the helm. That is not ok!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What does it take to get some respect?

Wisconsin wasn't supposed to be in this game.

Michigan is 0-8 on third down.

Michigan's 10 points are due to plays their defense made. Their offense has been minor.

But we just had to listen to the announcers tell us how great the Michigan defense is.

Last week Michigan scored oodles of points on a top 10 team. This week they're tied at 10 against an unranked opponent.

But god forbid we should mention that Wisconsin's defense has done a great job today.

Is it a flag, or isn't it?

Overall, I'm not a fan of the refs picking up flags and deciding there was no foul. Clearly you saw something, or you wouldn't have thrown a flag.

Today, I'm really not a fan of it because it's now happened twice - and not in our favor. I can't really decide if the calls are legit or not, but, c'mon, you're a professional. You know what a foul is or not. Call it, or don't. But stop throwing flags just to throw them. Both times there was clearly questionable plays. There was facemask. There was a block in the back. Get on the ball here.

Also, giving Michigan that kind of field position is going to be the death of us...

but props to Manningham, and Henne as well ... that was a really nice play. Well executed!

So excited about this game...

But I can only half see the TV from the computer, so as much as I'd like to do minute by minute blogging, I really really want to actually watch the game.

We'll see if I can do both...

At this point, I'm just excited that Wisconsin seems to have showed up for the game. We're forcing errors. That P.J. Hill TD was a beautiful run. He's an absolute bulldozer.

The return game is looking better every game. Despite there being a penalty on the last return, what it did show is how absolutely fearless Hampton is. We're going to get a lot better field position thanks to this guy.

The biggest thing I was worried about in this game is that the defense would fail to show up til the second quarter and we'd be too far behind to do anything. But since that's out of the way, already, I can move on to worrying about something else.

But we're at 6 mins left in the quarter, we've sacked the QB, have an INT and we're ahead ... I can't complain about that.

Holy Crap!

We scored first!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back to reality...

There's an interesting piece of reading over at MZone that points out how we Badger fans are basically hiding in the corner over this weekend's game. It even has some links with solid evidence and stats.

Additionally, there were some very flattering things said about us in the comments...
surrounded in columbus said...
BPD, your analysis of the badgers is dead on (good to read your stuff again). the success of their program under Alveraz is a monument to woody hayes' adage that it's not important if the other team knows what you're going to do; what's important is that YOUR team knows what it's going to do.

despite the predictability and vanilla flavoring, the badgers are consistently one of the top 3 or 4 teams in the conference. and they get there by following their game plan every play, every game, every season.they never abandon the run. they get behind, they still run. they play the same consistent defense. they go out every week and execute their game plan almost as if what the other team is doing is immaterial.they make you execute your game almost flawlessly, and force you to be patient. at the end of the day, the more talented team usually wins when we play them, but the badgers make you earn/pay for everything you get- they never give you anything. they never beat themselves, and if you don't bring your "A" game everytime, they'll beat you. very impressive for a program that wasn't on anyone's map 15 years ago.

one last salutory note on the cheeseheads- it often gets ignored here in cowtown when tosu fans sit around patting themselves on the back about how brilliant their coach is, but switzer/tre$$el is a very Lloydish 1-3 against Wisconsin (Lloyd on the other hand, lost to them for the first & only time last season). funny how that doesn't get mentioned much...
September 21, 2006 9:56 AM

And they're right. Badger fans are absolutely dreading this game. Last year we played well, but that game was a fluke. Stocco scrambles to win the game?! UNREAL!

Aside from that, though, we are absolutely in a rebuilding year. And this isn't one of those situations where we think it will be a rebuilding year and then suddenly Brian Calhoun turns out to be Superman and hell, the season isn't a rebuilding year after all.


Sure, the season's not a total loss, we won't be a 1,2, or 3 win team. We'll make some mediocre bowl.

But, let's remember that this was supposed to be the season in which our defense was absolutely supposed to shine. Led by Joe Thomas, these guys were supposed to annihilate everybody.
And they had trouble on their hands with Western Illinois!!

Granted, after 2 or 3 series, they seem to pick it up, and that worked against BG, SDSU and Western Illinois. But teams like Michigan will be all over that defense like white on rice.

Our record at the Big House is lackluster, to say the least. We've won there twice in the past 40some years. The last time we played in Ann Arbor, we let Michigan score two TDs in the first 5 minutes.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Little Wisconsin school you've never heard of to add men's and women's hockey

TUESDAY, Sept. 19, 2006, 10:03 a.m.
Concordia adds men's, women's hockey
In a surprise announcement, Concordia University of Wisconsin announced Tuesday that it would add men's and women's hockey to its athletic program beginning with the 2007-'08 school year.The teams will play in Division III."We are very excited to be making this announcement," CUW president Patrick Ferry said in a prepared statement. "It will enable students who play hockey another choice in pursuing their higher education goals while continuing to play a sport they love."The university said it had hired National Hockey League veteran and Mequon resident Tony Hrkac to serve as head coach for the Falcon men’s team. Athletic Director Rob Barnhill said that a women’s coach is expected to be named by October 1. The school's campus is located in Mequon.

TUESDAY, Sept. 19, 2006, 12:20 p.m.
More on Concordia's hockey program
Concordia University of Wisconsin announced Tuesday that it will add men's and women's hockey to its athletic program. The school is planning to begin play in the 2007-'08 school year.The school already has committed to practicing and playing at the Ozaukee Ice Center in Mequon. Guy Gosselin, the manager of the ice facility, said Tuesday that he hopes Concordia's commitment will jumpstart community interest and support for adding a second ice sheet.

Marquette news

*Yesterday Marquette coach Tom Crean signed an extension that takes his contract through the 2016-17 season. This is the fourth extension Crean's signed since taking over at MU in 1999.

*Marquette and UWM have agreed in principle to resume having a crosstown series. Financial details are not finalized, but the deal is set to start this year and the current talks take the series through 2011, with the final three years being home-and-away series. Marquette will pay UWM for the first three games.

My videos from last Saturday's game...


In order to further pretend that this weekend's football won't be happening, I'm looking forward to the hockey season by remembering how great last year was....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If you want to be a Badger, then come along with me... Part I

So this should be a fairly chronological view of GameDay in Madison. We started on campus, at the Union to pick-up our tickets from the guy who sold them to us on Ebay. Madison has joined the large group of cities who feature painted animal statues throughout the city. Clearly, this being Wisconsin, we have cows.

Next was lunch on State Street. The Badgermobile, carrying Bucky and the cheerleaders, make their way down the street (which is bus and pedestrian only). Then it's the long walk to the stadium.

For those who don't know, Camp Randall has its name because it was a Union Army base during the Civil War. The grounds were absorbed into the UW Campus. The stadium was built in 1917 and the Field House was built in 1930. Originally an open horseshore with a track, it was renovated in1958, 1966 and over the past two years.

The University cow.

Complete with UW "brand"

Looking down State St., with State St. Brats on the left.

We spent much of the game wondering what a man of the size of this guy


was doing as a male cheerleader...

The Field House at Camp Randall

The Camp Randall Memorial Wall of Fame

The entrance to Camp Randall military grounds.

There were a couple of memorial stones around, but this one was the prettiest.

If you want to be a Badger, then come along with me .... Part II

These are the pre-game pics. I took a lot because, frankly, I didn't want to have the camera to my eye the whole game. Plus, the team runs out for warm-ups right next to section P and I was able to get some really good close-ups.

Coach Bret Bielema.

Offense. QB John Stocco is #7

Walking onto the field.

I believe this is the secondary getting psyched up.

Full team huddle.

Big Joe Thomas.

Bucky and the Marching Band, just before kickoff.


The AP polls had to be re-calculated and re-released because some idiot sportswriter from The Charlotte Observer submitted his ballot from LAST WEEK for this week's polls.

The "correction" is here, on The Observer's website. Apparently he didn't realize he had submitted an old ballot until it was published and readers wrote in angry with his rankings, which included having Notre Dame ranked above Michigan, despite being spanked by them on Saturday.

The offending reporter has decided that he will submit his ballot by phone, not email, from here on out...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Parts I and II coming tomorrow...

Work early and Blogger's refusal to upload any more of my pics currently mean that the other two installments will come by tomorrow. Stay tuned!

If you want to be a Badger, then come along with me ... Part III

Second half pics. I think a few of these are out of order, my apologies....

Bucky does push ups to count off the points we scored.

We! Want! More! Beer!

Moments after P.J. Hill scored our first touchdown. This picture isn't zoomed in at all. I still can't believe we were this close!

I don't have the best of cameras, so these action shots are a few seconds behind, but you get the idea....

The Cheerleaders.

One of the useless drives, where we didn't take the easy 3, but instead went for it on 4th down, despite the fact that we've yet to convert on 4th.

The players leaving the field.

Having technical difficulties...

And I can't post the videos I put up on You Tube, so I ask you please to click on the links below.

First we have the student section, right after a score.

Next, it's on to some of the less intense Wisconsin taunting.

The infamous Jump Around between the third and fourth quarters.

And finally, the extended version of the Bud Song down by the UW Band during the Fifth Quarter.

with any luck, I'll be able to figure this out. But in the meantime I just want to get all these pictures up.

If you want to be a Badger, then come along with me... Part IV

And now, onto the famous Fifth Quarter (FQ)

Two songs into the FQ, this is how many fans stick around

Roll out the Barrell, complete with a friend from high school polkaing. The fact that he's right in front of us is actually coincidence.

I don't remember what song this is, but they're singing to us and doing sign language-like movements.

The Chicken Dance!

By far the gayest mascot - EVER!

Honestly, I'm not even saying this as a slur. But this guy looked like he stepped right out of Playgirl.

Also, nobody liked him because his entire spiel was to walk back and forth on a bench and blow into a shell. Last time I checked, the Aztecs never made it to San Diego.
And they didn't dress like Trojans accessorized with feathers.

Plus, what the hell was he doing in the middle of our FQ celebration? Go home!

SDSU does the Haka ... we think...

I found this story over at Badger Sports Fan and wanted to expand.

The story is from, where they're reporting that there was a minor uproar over a dance done by the Aztecs prior to Saturday's game.

First let me say that I was at the game and never saw nor heard this happen, nor did anyone around me. No one was talking about this anywhere in earshot.

As the article mentions that the dance was inspired by a Hawaiian player, I'm guessing the dance being done was the Haka - which is actually a New Zealand export, as it is a tribal dance of the Maori tribe.

It's a tribal dance, most notably done before every match by the New Zealand All-Blacks, a rugby team.

Nico over at Roll Bama Roll has an in-depth look at the Haka, as they had a mini-Haka controversy erupt when the Hawaii football team visited Alabama in week 1.

The Haka is ceremonial and is not usually done with any malicious intent. As Nico reports, it's done pre-game, often with team's performing Haka's at each other, back and forth. It's also done by a team post-game, to their fans, as a thank you.

The story isn't very in-depth, so I'm not sure what the situation is here, but lately here in the US the Haka is getting a bad wrap. Check out more information on the Haka here.

Wanted to post this earlier..

a very funny take on why Koren Robinson in Green Bay is a recipe for instant disaster.

Green Bay is a great fit for a west coast receiver and a quality kick returner, absolutely.
Green Bay and Wisconsin as a whole, however, is not a great fit alcoholic. Mr. Keels, you're aware that Wisconsin's professional baseball team is called the Brewers, the Princeton Review ranks the University of Wisconsin as the best party school in America, Forbes Magazine called Milwaukee America's drunkest city, and believe it or not Wisconsinites can live longer without oxygen than they can alcohol.

Let's put a little perspective on Robinson signing with the Packers for you, Mr. Keels.
Robinson signing with the Packers is similar to:
- Michael Jackson becoming a preschool teacher.
- Mark Chmura opening a nanny service.
- Michael Irvin becoming a DEA officer.
- Marion Barry working in a head shop.
- Brett Favre becoming a pharmacist.
- Mike Tice starting an online ticket broker business.
- Fred Smoot joining the Navy.
- Shawn Kemp becoming a janitor in a sperm bank.
- Michael Jordan becoming a dealer in a Vegas casino.
- John Daly becoming a dealer in a Vegas casino.
- Eddie Griffin owning a Blockbuster Video....

Any takers on the over/under on how many days it takes him to relapse?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

2005 Wisconsin vs. Michigan

After seeing how long it's taken our defense to get into the games thus far, I'm already pretending this weekend's game isn't happening and just reliving last year's oh so sweet victory.

Minor wait..

I took a ton of pictures and some video at yesterday's Badger game, so as soon as I get that all uploaded, you will get full coverage of game day in Madison!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


You know you're a tomboy when:

You're spending your one year anniversary at a Badger football game!

So very excited to be attending my first Badger game of the year - in the student section no less!
Lots of pics and info when CuteSports returns on Monday.

Almost a glimmer...

Brewer coverage is few and far between because, well, there's not much nice to say.

They split a doubleheader yesterday at Pittsburgh, though Ben Sheets did have a no hitter through 7 innings.

Our AAA team is out of the playoffs, so there were lots of recalls and call ups. Read more about it at Brew Crew Ball. Good to see Tony Gwynn, Jr. back, as he's a better option for leadoff than anyone else we've had.

I have tickets to one more game, next week Friday. Maybe the team will be more exciting then.

Texans take another Wisconsin running back...

Samkon Gado is now a Houston Texan. We got some guy no one's heard of, Vernand Morency, in exchange.

The quote from Mike McCarthy was something about "neither team was really pushing for this trade."
What does that mean? If that's the case, why did it happen?

Gado, who came off the practice squad and played one year of college ball, mind you, did a great job of stepping up last season after some injuries and ended up being the Packers' leading rusher.

Having already released Najeh Davenport and Vonta Leach, the Packers are down to Ahman Green, William Henderson and Noah Herron. I'll remind you that Henderson is a fullback and Herron's a halfback.

At this point, seemingly bonehead roster moves are not too unusual, but no one seems to be sure why this trade happened. McCarthy was less than enthusiastic and Houston just picked up Ron Dayne, so you'd think they were Ok at RB.

One tidbit I just remembered here is that Mike Sherman is in Houston now, which may explain how Houston came to have a yen for formerly no-named Samkon Gado.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Badgers in the pros

This week's move of Ron Dayne from Denver to Houston made me think of some of the most recent Badgers in the NFL.

Brooks Bollinger - QB, drafted 2003 (NYJets)
Drafted in the 6th round, Brooks mired away in oblivion as a third string QB until an
unfortuitous game against Jacksonville in which Chad Pennington and Jay Fiedler were both
injured. The Jets brought in Vinny Testaverde, but chose to start Brooks instead. Traded in
the off-season to Minnesota.

Jim Sorgi - QB, drafted 2004 (Indianapolis)
Also a 6th round pick, Sorgi was picked up by the Colts where he is forever stuck behind
Peyton Manning. In his NFL career he has 5 TDs and 1 INT.

Brian Calhoun - RB, drafted 2006 3rd round (Detroit)
One of only two members of Wisconsin's newest class to see playing time in the first game of
the regular season, Calhoun was given two touches with the Detroit Lions.

Owen Daniels - TE, drafted 2006 4th round (Houston)
The other rookie to see playing time, he started at Tight End for the Houston Texans, but
caught no passes.

Erasmus James - DE, drafted 2004, 18th overall (Minnesota)
In his rookie season with the Vikings, James notched 23 tackles and 4 sacks. In the opening
game of this season, he added 2 more tackles to his total.

Chris Chambers - WR, drafted 2001 (Miami)
A second round pick, 21st overall, Chambers has spent his entire pro career with the Miami
Dolphins. He has the Dolphins rookie single-season record for most receiving yards. In 2005,
Chambers lead the Dolphins in receptions (82), yards (1118), and touchdowns (11). He also
holds the best single game performance for a Dolphon receiver, notching 15 catches for 238
yards and a game-winning TD. That performance earned him AFC Player of the Week. In
2005, he was voted to his first Pro Bowl.

Scott Starks - CB, drafted 3rd round 2005 (Jacksonville)
In the first game of the season, Starks was matched against Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn.
He notched one tackle. Starks made a name for himself on the Jaguars special teams last
season, and is to win the role of Jacksonville's “nickel” cornerback .

Lee Evans - WE, drafted 1st round 2004 (Buffalo)
Probably the Badger that's transferred to the pros most prolifically, Evans has contributed to
the Bills since being drafted. Playing in 16 games in each of the last two seasons, Evans' had 96
receptions for 1586 yards.
In this season's opener, Evans had two receptions for 25 yards.

Jamar Fletcher - CB, drafted first round 2001 (Miami)
In 2004 he was traded to the Chargers and this past offseason was traded again, this time to
Detroit. A former Jim Thorpe award winner (best defensive back), Fletcher turned in a solid
performance in week one, being credited with 2 tackles.

Alex Lewis - LB, drafted 2004, 5th round (Detroit)
Lewis suffered a season ending injury in last season's opener, but that doesn't seem to be
phasing him, as he turned in 6 tackles against the Seahawks and was part of a defense that
held Shaun Alexander to 51 yards. Lewis was instrumental in causing Alexander to fumble in
the game.

Brandon Williams - WR, drafted 2006, 3rd round (San Francisco)
Jonathan Orr - WE, drafted 2006, 6th round (Tennessee)
were both on injured reserve to start the season

(thanks to for much information)

We interrupt the football coverage

to bring you exciting news about a team that doesn't suck: Wisconsin Badger's hockey.

FSN North announced today that they'll be carrying 20 Badger hockey games live, including 13 home and 7 away games and 6 games against Frozen Four participants.

More detailed information on which games will be televised here.

24 days until hockey season opens

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dismal times...

So I thought I had programmed the DVR to record last night's "replay" on public television of the Badger's showdown with Western Illinois. But apparently I'm not very smart and there was no such programming. So I only saw the bit of the game left when I got home around midnight.

Unfortunately, the stuff I did seem was dim at best.
The 34-10 score was much more indicative of what Western Illinois COULDN'T do than what Wisconsin COULD do.
The defense looked lackluster at best. Pass protection didn't seem to be there. There were a lot of dumb penalties.

Basically, this looked like the game we all expected to see last week.
It's a new coach and for all intents and purposes, with the exception of a few, it's a new team. There's a little scratch and dent to be expected. The construction site hasn't been cleared of all the debris.

But then we played really well last weekend and we all thought that we'd just skipped that phase. Turns out we were just delaying it for a week.

I didn't see much of the game, so I'll refrain from in depth coverage, as it would all just be second and third hand anyway. I do want to be able to provide some deeper information and further coverage, it just hasn't worked out the past two weeks. That's ok, though. We haven't started with the real opponents yet, anyway. Look for me to cut my teeth next week so that I'm all prepared to give you real coverage for the Michigan game.

The bright side of yesterday's game is that PJ Hill once again looked like he's primed to step up into the patented Wisconsin running back mold and provide a lot of yardage. He's not your typical back, so maybe mold isn't the word, but we're a running team any way you look at it and PJ Hill is filling Calhoun's (and Stanley's) gap quite well.

(PS, that other game of football in the state of Wisconsin this weekend? Never happened!)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Now that's some crap...

The Wisconsin game wasn't televised today. Anywhere.

But the "replay" is on tonight at 10ish. I'm tivoing it. Updates on the game tomorrow....

Friday, September 08, 2006

Funny stuff...

Found this on Brew Crew Ball...

Prince Fielder, officially on the map, as he's been made fun of by The Onion

Thursday, September 07, 2006

This week's picks

Nico's choice of this week's games led to considerably more research and soul-searching than last week's. I didn't feel too upset minded, though I hemmed and hawed over a few of these games....

Michigan vs. Central Michigan
No question here. As much as I'd love some crazy upset loss (anything to bring Michigan down a few pegs...) it ain't happening. I don't expect this game will even be worth watching.

Mississippi State vs. Auburn
I loathe Auburn about as much as someone who's not from the south and not an Alabama fan can hate Auburn. Maybe it's worn off on me. Maybe it's because I've been there and I wasn't impressed. Most likely I'm bitter that Wisconsin didn't get more credit for dismantling them and everyone this season is talking about Kenny Irons and fails to mention how incredibly useless he was in that game...
That being said, it's Miss. State...

Notre Dame vs. Penn State
I really thought about picking Penn State here, but Penn State's got a few question marks as far as I'm concerned. Maybe if this was a different Notre Dame team. Maybe if the game was later in the year and I could put more faith in Penn State's QB.
Maybe if Penn State weren't a Big 10 team.
But that's not the case and I'm feeling like this Notre Dame team is a team of destiny this year. I don't see the big obstacles in their way. Plus, this is the start of four straight weeks of Big 10 opponents for ND and they need to come on strong. So it's Notre Dame, but likely not by much

Boston College vs. Clemson
I know a whole lot of nothing about these two teams. But I do know that BC isn't looking so hot out of the gate and this is a big ACC game off the bat. Clemson needs this and I don't see them dropping it. Plus, after the article about Ray Ray (poor guy - what kind of name is that?) I can't pick against them.

Colorado State vs. Colorado
This is probably the biggest toss-up game. Colorado got their asses handed to them, both literally and figuratively last weekend. They have a lot of face to save. Few things are more motivating to 20 something boys then not coming off like bumbling idiots. There's some rep cred on the line here. Plus, Colorado State's losing a couple of players and has had some distractions this week as some current and former players are being accused of fraud and identity theft. My guess is that their heads aren't all in it.

Florida State vs. Troy

West Virginia vs. Eastern Washington

Alabama vs. Vanderbilt
Todd, Nico and Wes will never hear the end of it if their boys wuss out to the wimps from Nashville. As far as I'm concerned, no one of an status should lose to Vandy. EVER. This is an unescapable rule. Their the redheaded stepchild of the SEC. They can't escape that.

Florida vs. UCF

LSU vs. Arizona
Arizona had problems putting points on the board against a lackluster opponent last week and I don't think LSU is a step down from there. This is a talented team this year and I think in other years they'd be in serious contention for a national title. There's a bigger than normal crop of really damn good teams out there this year. If any of them stumble, look for the Bayou Bengals to be all to ready to step up.

South Carolina vs. Georgia

Texas vs. Ohio State
Texas is a damn sight better this year than I thought they'd be originally, but unfortunately for them, the drop off is going to come sooner rather than later. I'm picking Ohio State, but I'm secretly hoping they fall flat on their faces. I'd love for another wide open Big 10 year. Plus, it feels like a big of an alternate universe when you're talking about Iowa from day 1 as a possible conference champ. But I digress...The fact that this game is in Austin I think makes a difference, but I don't think it will be enough. Last year this game had national title implications and I think it will this year as well. But I don't think it will matter to Texas one way or the other. The way I see it, this is a make or break game for tOSU.

Oh, yeah, this is going to work....

In order to curb underage drinking, Penn State has banned tailgate drinking ...

but only while the game is happening.

You can drink before the game in the stadium's parking lots. You can drink after the game. But it's those elusive mid-game tailgates that Penn State officials are looking to curb.

Look, I get the idea here. The press release says that alcohol related emergency room trips were up.

But how many people are really outside during the game? Happy Valley holds 108,000 people. Do we really think that the 200 kids that overdrink to the point of hospitalization are part of the thousand or so people that go only to tailgate and never make it inside? The odds are agains that being the case.

It seems like this is more a ceremonial, publicity type move than one that will have any actual affect on alcohol consumption.

Not your usual college football story...

I first read this on Hey Jenny Slater and thought I'd pass it along. It would be nice to hear about some more college athletes that act like this, as opposed to this. Or this. Or this.

Clemson Player Raising Brother, 11 By PETE IACOBELLI AP Sports Writer

CLEMSON, S.C. — The alarm sounds at 6:15 a.m. and Clemson freshman Ray Ray McElrathbey starts a routine like few others in college football.

Along with classes, film work, defensive back meetings and football practice, McElrathbey sees that his 11-year-old brother, Fahmarr, is dressed and fed, finishes his homework and makes it to middle school on time.

Ray Ray, 19, has temporary custody of his brother because of his mother's continuing drug problems and his father's gambling addiction. The two brothers have shared experiences in foster homes and now share an apartment by the campus.

They live solely off Ray Ray's scholarship while Clemson's athletic department tries to get a waiver from the NCAA that might let them accept donations without jeopardizing Ray Ray's football eligibility.

Ray Ray sought custody because he was tired of worrying what might happen to Fahmarr living with their mother in Atlanta.

"I wasn't going to let him go back to a foster home, back to the system," Ray Ray says.

The transition from football player to caregiver is one Ray Ray has cherished since Fahmarr's arrival in June.

"As a brother, it was still me first. As a parent, it's him first," Ray Ray says. "Before I do anything for me, got to do stuff for him."

The elder McElrathbey sounds like a father discussing the struggles of managing a sixth-grader.
It often takes two or three shouts before Fahmarr rises and puts on his clothes. Ray Ray signs off on his brother's homework, meets with guidance counselors and tries to keep more fruit around the house.

Ray Ray has no car, so a teammate or friend gives Fahmarr a ride to R.C. Edwards Middle School.

Fahmarr returns to Clemson in the afternoons, often starting his homework at Vickery Hall, Clemson's athletic academic center, or a football coach's office while his older brother works out with the team.

After Tuesday's practice, Fahmarr was in his brother's orange No. 9 jersey throwing the ball to Ray Ray while teammates walked by saying hello or joking with him.

"It's fun living with my brother because we like the same things," Fahmarr said.

After practice, the pair return home. There's dinner, school work and some brotherly time before Fahmarr is asleep and Ray Ray catches up on his assignments, school and football. A big night of fun might be a movie with a teammate or friend.

McElrathbey doesn't mind sacrificing the kind of college life he hears about from teammates.

"My pastor told me it's the Lord wanting to slow me down. I'll take it as that," he said.

McElrathbey has seven brothers and sisters. Because of his mother's addiction, her children have been separated, some ending in foster care as she went to rehab, McElrathbey said.

McElrathbey's mother copes well without the stress of her large family, her son says. Other times she has vowed to get clean and go through rehab, but once she was again raising her children, her problems would resurface, McElrathbey said.

Ray Ray used sports to keep himself out of trouble, often living with coaches or other mentors who kept him in school and focused on the future.

When McElrathbey came to Clemson, he couldn't help but fret over Fahmarr. "You didn't see him at Christmas dinner in Orlando crying in my arms because of his brother," Clemson defensive coordinator Vic Koenning said.

While many in the athletic department have asked to help the McElrathbeys, Clemson must be careful the help is not seen as extra benefits in violation of NCAA rules. Clemson and the ACC have worked on a waiver request to the NCAA, athletic spokesman Tim Bourret said.

Koenning doesn't understand why his wife or other members of Clemson's coaching family can't assist with a trip to the grocery store or school. "I can take two boxes of toys out of my basement and give them to Goodwill, but I can't give them to Ray Ray?"

McElrathbey has no time left for a job, but makes extra spending money washing cars or mowing lawns. He says there is nothing they need he can't afford. "I just had to get rid of the 'great' things, what I call the material things," McElrathbey said.

The NCAA says it's working with Clemson and the ACC on the best solution to assist the McElrathbeys. While the rules prohibit most benefits beyond what comes with the scholarship, "individual circumstances can and are taken into consideration in unusual situations," the NCAA said in a statement.

Clemson safety Michael Hamlin often drives Ray Ray and Fahmarr, and takes Fahmarr for a bite when his older brother's tied up. "He's like a little clown. Everybody likes being around him," Hamlin said.

McElrathbey is glad for the help he gets. He's more happy knowing Fahmarr is safe and sound. The younger McElrathbey told his older brother he is a celebrity on campus now.

Fahmarr was supposed to be in Clemson temporarily. But now Ray Ray expects to maintain custody of his younger brother throughout his teen years. He stays as upbeat as possible and won't dwell on his mother's problems because it doesn't help him or, more importantly, Fahmarr. Ray Ray dreams his mother might one day stay drug free to guide her children, but isn't counting on it.

"You can't get mad at people for being who they are," he said. "You can accept it or you don't, but either way you can't get mad about it because it doesn't help."

Some juicy early morning gossip...

Local news is reporting that Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio is in talks with Senator Herb Kohl to purchase the Milwaukee Bucks. Attanasio's people are saying no comment and Kohl maintains that the Bucks are not for sale.

I'll keep you posted, because this could be a seriously interesting turn of events in Milwaukee sports.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Camp Randall: Now more fan friendly

Madison - Responding to feedback from fans throughout the 2005 football season, University of Wisconsin officials in the off-season spent about $500,000 on upgrades at Camp Randall Stadium.

Those changes, announced today, are to be in place for the home opener Saturday against Western Illinois."We want to make sure we stay responsive," Doug Beard, senior associate athletic director, said today.

The changes include:Field-level cross aisles on the west side of the lower bowl designed to alleviate congestion before, during and after games.One cross aisle extends from Section Z1 to Section E. Another extends from Section F to the portal between Sections I and J. A barrier in the middle of Section E will prevent fans from moving the entire length of lower bowl on the west side.

"What that does is create and access point for the people in the lower west side," Beard said. "I'm going to say in the first 30 rows the best way to access your section is going to be off that lower aisle."

It is also going to allow those patrons to access the concession stands and bathrooms in the north and south end.

The west side lower concourse, behind Sections A and B, has been widened by 16 feet. A bottleneck in the concourse near Sections J and K has been addressed. "We reconfigured the entrance to a bathroom and punched out a wall," Beard said. The bathrooms along the upper concourse on the west side have been refurbished.

Two bathrooms, one for men and one for women, have been installed on the third level of east side of the stadium behind Section T.

Ticket scanning devices, which have been used at the Kohl Center for men's basketball and men's hockey, will be used this season for all home football games.

An express line will be used at Gates 1, 6, 7 and 10. Any patron with just a ticket and no items that need to be searched by security, will be allowed in at those gates.

A new parking lot, at the corner of Park St. and Regent St., will have 300 spaces. Cost is $10 per game and the spaces will be sold on a game-by-game basis.

How do you come out of a 10 game losing streak?

You beat the NL West leader 9-0.

My new favorite Brewer (he was my new favorite before this) Corey Hart was 2-4 with 2 home runs and 6 RBIs last night.

Doug Davis pitched his best game of the season, a complete game shut out. He walked one batter and notched 8 strikeouts. He also forced batters into 13 groundouts and retired the final 16 batters in order. (DD's last shutout was in May of last year)

All this against a team who's first in team batting average, 4th in runs scored and is well on their way to the playoffs.

The Brewers averaged less than 3 runs per game over the 10 game losing streak, but have outscored the Dodgers 15-3 in just 2 games.

What makes this so frustrating is that one wonders why the team can't play like this on a regular basis. We've seen many, many moments of brillaince, making the many more sub-par moments all that much harder to swallow.

But hooray for Corey Hart. He's labored in obscurity, though he has always been a part of the "youth movement" class with Rickie Weeks, Prince Fielder and J.J. Hardy. Instead of getting a chance, he was forced to stay in the minors, where he did pretty much all he could do and earned some MVP's. He absolutely proved he deserves a chance and is doing so again here in the majors.

At the end of last night's game the FSN guy's had Hart on camera trying to get an interview and Geoff Jenkins hit him with a shaving cream pie to the face. Jenkins was laughing, but I'm thinking every one of Hart's RBIs last night were another nail in Jenkins' coffin.

Monday, September 04, 2006

A bad day for backs of Wisconsin...

Heisman trophy winner and former Wisconsin RB Ron Dayne suffered another setback in his lackluster pro career when he was cut by the Denver Broncos today as teams whittled their teams to a final 53.

Also lost in the shuffle was Green Bay Packer Najeh Davenport. A pretty big surprise on the surface, you have to remember that Davenport has yet to complete a full season, having been injury riddled for much of his career. He missed most of last season with a broken ankle and missed much of his rookie season with a broken eye socket. His return this past off-season has been unexciting, with more injuries plaguing him and low production during the pre-season.

Supposedly we tried to trade him, but none of the offers were worth it, so we cut him knowing that someone will pick him up...

Green Bay Packers: officially desperate

MONDAY, Sept. 4, 2006, 6:04 p.m.By Tom Silverstein
Packers bring Robinson in for visit

Green Bay - Even though he is facing a possible one-year suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse program, the Green Bay Packers brought in wide receiver Koren Robinson for a visit late Sunday.

According to an NFL source, the Packers registered his visit with the NFL, which they are required to do so that all the other teams in the league are aware of it. The degree of interest the Packers have in Robinson is unknown, but because the former Seattle and Minnesota receiver has not been suspended yet he is free to talk to teams.

General manager Ted Thompson and personnel analyst John Schneider were both in Seattle when Robinson was scouted and eventually selected with the No. 9 pick in the 2001 draft. After Robinson was cut from the Seahawks and then the Vikings last year, the Packers made a push to get him signed.

He ended up re-signing with the Vikings and made the Pro Bowl last year as a kick returner.The Packers have a need at both wide receiver and kick returner and might be interested in signing him now or in the future. However, they will have to consider his battles with alcohol, which landed him in the substance abuse program.

Robinson has had numerous alcohol-related problems and was suspended for four games in 2004 for violating the league's substance abuse policy. Seattle released him after the '04 season and after spending time in an alcohol treatment facility in North Carolina, the Vikings signed him.He had a solid year for the Vikings and received a three-year, $12.7 million contract in the off-season. However, on Aug. 15, he was caught driving 100 mph in a 55 mph zone on his way back to the team's training camp in Mankato, Minn.

Robinson refused to stop and was eventually arrested. His blood-alcohol content was measured by the police at 0.11. The Vikings cut him Aug. 26.

Because his arrest might be a third violation of the league's policy, Robinson faces a one-year suspension. However, he will be able to appeal if the league chooses to do so and for the time being he is eligible to play.

Wisconsin vs. Bowling Green

I'm way late on this, since I was without the computer, but I'd like to add some notes to what you've likely already read (if you even care about Wisconsin/Bowling Green)

* Looks like the running back situation shouldn't be too much of an issue. P.J. Hill (who we talked about a few weeks ago) looked absolutely solid. I was especially impressed with his yards after contact. The guy's a bulldozer. We can only hope that such things can continue against the lines of Michigan and Iowa.

*John Stocco started, despite only being a few weeks out from minor knee surgery and he didn't seem to be suffering any ill effects. In fact, he was fairly mobile, seemed to have no problem throwing from both feet and made a key 8 yard run for a first down. He was 9 of 15 for 124 yards.

*True freshman RB Lance Smith hasn't gotten a lot of attention, but he proved he's someone to reckon with, displaying some explosive speed. He and Hill, alongside FB Dywon Rowan, should not have a problem continuing Wisconsin's history of relying solidly on the running game.

*The TE Travis Beckum had more catches and more yards than the two receivers (Swan and Hubbard) combined. Receiving will not be our forte this year.

*There were a lot of names I didn't recognize, but know to keep an eye for this season, especially special teams stand out Jonathan Casillas (who also notched tackles in the double digits)

*The defense, who should be much stronger than the offense this season, came out looking very shaky, but definitely didn't that take over the tone of the game and showed themselves much better after Bowling Green's opening drive.

Chelsea notes

We've finally unearthed enough space to hook up the computer and I'm back among the wired.

First, let's get some soccer out of the way...

--Chelsea finally got their man, as the trade for Ashley Cole was completed on the first of the month. Not only does this leave Chelsea with "two of the best left backs in the world" (according to John Terry) but it allowed the Blues to get rid of the cancer that was William Gallas.

In a fairly unusual move, Chelsea put out a press release enumerating Gallas' antics since he decided he no longer wanted to play at Stamford Bridge. According to this article, Gallas threated to get sent off, deliberately make mistakes and score own goals.

--Now that Ashley Cole arrived, Robert Huth was shipped off to Middlesbrough for a transfer fee of about 6 million pounds.

In game play, after the embarassing loss mid-week to Middlesbrough, the Blues took a 2-0 match from Blackburn.

Next up is a Premiership game on Saturday against Charlton Athletic, followed by Champions League game against Werder Bremen on the 12th.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm so ready for some football!

Twas the night before football season...

and all through Cheeseland
Wisconsin fans were anxioius
Remote controls in hand

Their jerseys were hung in the closet with care
With the knowledge that the season soon would be there

Bucky Badger was resting all snug in his bed
Visions of Big Ten Championships dancing in his head

And Bielema in his headset
All ready to make the call
Settled in for a loooong season of football

Down at Camp Randall
There were sounds of great joyfulness
As backs and receivers broke through the defense

Away to the endzone they flew like a flash
Ready to catch another John Stocco pass

1st down and goal to go
Gives the season a lustre the likes of which we didn't know

So to my wondering eyes this season isn't what it appears
Kick the departures and injuries to the rear

With quick calls and signals and Ready! Get Set!
We know the season relies on a coach named Bret

More rapid than wily Badgers, his team, it came
Bret whistled and shouted and called them by name

Now Stocco, Now Stellmacher, Now DeBauche and Zalewski!
On Ikegwuonu, On Joe Thomas, On Cooper and Hayden!

To the top of the Conference, to the top for the Fall
Push 'em back, push 'em back, push 'em back all


So with a wink of his eye and a call on the field
Bret gave us to know he would not yield;

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And climbed up the standings; this guy was no jerk,

Dashing down the field in their red and white clothes,
Through the rankings, the Badgers, they rose

Stocco sprang to the play,
the team, they got not a whistle,
And John threw downfield, the ball like a missle.

And we heard Bret exclaim, the Rose Bowl in sight
Happy New Year's to Badger fans, we'll put up a fight

A minor star in my life...

I know the posting's light, but I promise I'll have the home computer up and running this weekend.

In the meantime, check out my friend Anna, who's a super star in the making.

A Madison resident, she's currently starring in a musical called Walmartopia, that was written by a Madison couple.

The show has garnered a lot of attention and was recently invited to be a part of the Fringe Festival in New York. Some 200 shows were invited and Walmartopia was picked as one of the best in show and was invited back to do an encore performance in New York later this month.

Check out the reviews from New York. You'll notice that Anna Jayne Marquardt is praised in each and every one, even if the show was panned.

The Reviews:

Village Voice

New York Times


Eye On Dance

Gay New York


Also, if you go here, and scroll down, you'll notice that myfriendAnna won a Best Actor award.

That's 5 best actors. In 200 some shows.

I'm so proud of myfriendAnna. I can say I knew her when!

So now she's quit her job and is moving to New York, as she was shown lots of interest and was told she should be there.

The play also garnered a lot of attention and has both Broadway and off-Broadway producers looking at it.

Congratulations, ya'll!