Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dude, it's gotta be the socks

Manny Parra went back to the high socks and (as I knew they would) they brought the mojo to the whole team.

Parra's gotten little to no run support this year. In fact, his run support has dropped 3.07 runs-per-game from last year to this season.

The rain-delay information included a note that Mike Cameron jokingly told Parra on the bus yesterday that to get a win he just needed to pitch a shutout and hit a home run. Easy!

But the Brewers have changed the run support stat a bit - JJ Hardy's 3-run homer in the first inning and Ryan Braun's grand slam in the second have helped the Brewers amass a 9-0 lead, chasing Bronson Arroyo before he recorded an out in the second inning. His ERA went from 4.75 to 7.15 in just about 40 pitches.

Brewers have switched from Pirates killers to Reds killers and Bill Hall's not even playing!

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