Sunday, January 22, 2006

College Bball Mayhem

Yesterday was one hell of a day in college hoops and it makes me happy that so many big teams were upset. Not only does it overshadow the Badgers' horrible loss (selfish, selfish) but also, it makes things so much more interesting.

The thing I love about college bball above all other sports is that there is the highest quotient for anything happening on any given day. Sure, upsets happen in every sport, but in college hoops, they're a given. At least once a week there's a big game worth watching with 2 teams you know nothing about. Plus, I feel like no bigger dichotomy exists between college and pro than does in basketball. And I love college basketball for it.

I found this interesting, very brief, piece on ESPN. It will be interesting to see what the explanation is and where this story leads.

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