Tuesday, January 31, 2006

All I'm saying is I'm not living in a shoe...

So in my ongoing mission to become as old and uncool as possible, I took a knitting class this weekend. Actually, it was like shorthand knitting for dummies. There are props. They make the knitting easier. It was knitting for dummies and I failed the first 4 attempts. I'm blaming the yarn. The knitting teacher said I could.

I absolutely and categorically refuse to learn how to knit for real in fear of becoming one of those ladies that carries around her knitting at all times and any time she has more than 3o seconds of free time she's whipping out the needles and clackety clacking away on an afghan.

NOT me

I made a scarf today. I felt very productive and simultaneously very ashamed.

All I need now are some cats. Lots and lots of cats. Or maybe I can just morph into a cat.

It could be worse though. I could have purchased this:

Or I could be the dude that wrote it. I point your attention to the green starburst. "Stop vacuuming and start knitting."

Words to live by.

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