Thursday, January 19, 2006

Big Ten

After being leaked the score of the Wisconsin game, as well as the disheartening news that we've lost 2 players that have played in every game this season, one to a temporary leave of absence and one for academic ineligibility, I decided I was too depressed to watch the Tivo'd Wisconsin game.

We lost to Ohio State and now the Big Ten standings look like this:

Big Ten Conference
Wisconsin 4-1 14-3
Indiana 3-1 11-3
Iowa 3-1 14-4
Ohio State 3-2 13-2
Illinois 2-2 16-2
Michigan 2-2 12-3
State 2-2 14-4
Penn State 2-2 10-5
Northwestern 2-3 9-7
Purdue 1-4 7-9
Minnesota 0-4 9-6

After a random game vs. ND State this Saturday, the Badgers have a 2 week stretch with Penn State on the 25th, at Michigan on the 28th, Illinois on the 31st, at Purdue on the 4th and Indiana on the 8th.

A few weeks ago I would have said that Illinois would be the scariest game, but now it look like Indiana is the team to beat. Thankfully both games are at home. The scariest part, actually, is the down games in between the big matchups. Wisconsin needs to make sure they don't overlook Penn State and Purdue in expectation of the Illinois and Indiana games. It would be heartbreaking to take down two big teams and lose to a bottom feeder.

On a completely different note, the embarassing highlight of my night has been watching Master P, owner of a sprawling compound in that metropolis of Baton Rouge, do the jive on Dancing with the Stars.

What can I say, I needed something to watch until The O.C. and Beauty and the Geek started.

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