Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Further proof that bowls prove nothing...

In our ever reaching plot to completely discredit bowls and to show that this has been the strangest bowl season in awhile, I give you exhibit A:

West Virginia beat Georgia (and rushed for about 400 yards on Georgia's defense)

Georgia beat LSU in the SEC Championship game

LSU kicked the living crap out of Miami

Miami beat Virginia Tech (and that skanky, no good otherVick)

and VTech beat...West Virginia

Oh, what a vicious Cycle.

Also, eat that Oregon, you didn't deserve a BCS berth.


Newspaper Hack said...

Lest we forget, the sombrero doesn't fall far from the noggin. There is a reason he's called Ron New Mexico, after all. And yes, he'd hit it, too.

Todd Jones said...

don't try to make sense of it. your head will explode. i don't know if this is the strangest bowl season in awhile, it's more like the boringest. i usually wind up watching at least five or six complete bowl games and off and on watching the rest, but this year i watched all of the cotton, a little of the peach, capital one and orange bowls, and that's it. i don't even really care to watch the rose bowl tonight.

Nicole said...

See, I don't think it's that boring. However, due to other sports requirements, I haven't really watched a full game. Last night seemed pretty boring, but I was so tuned into the Marquette game, I didn't watch. I watched the Oregon game to see them lose. Of course I watched the Wisconsin game. It's probably also that I've been sick and therefore had lots of free time to watch nothing but football. I'm tuning in tonight if for no other reason than a misguided belief that my rapture and prayers to god will effect a USC loss.

nico said...

Let's all just rejoice in the fact that it's incredibly fun to mock the PAC-10.