Monday, January 30, 2006


I'm currently trying, rather unsuccessfully, to write a 4-6 page autobiography for an application.

It's really difficult to keep from getting bored, distracted and otherwise turned off from writing essays and completing an application you're not even sure you want to turn in.

I'm having problems not procrastinating and I still don't know who to have fill out one of my recommendations. The format in which one of the essays is asked is condusive to writing the exact opposite of an essay. In addition, these aren't the types of essays this application asked for just 2 years ago. Now it's about 6 times longer and much harder to answer. It's not that the essays are difficult, it's that they are awkwardly worded and asked so that I don't know how to go about accomplishing them.

And I'm a writer, dammit. This is the one thing that's supposed to come easy for me.

Back to the grind....

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