Friday, January 20, 2006

It's snowing!

Big, huge, fluffy, pretty snowflakes. And it's supposed to stop before there's enough to necessitate me shoveling.



Newspaper Hack said...

I'M WEARING SHORTS! HAHAHA! Oh, man. Alabama in January.

Nicole said...

Quiet you! Not fair.

Todd Jones said...

maybe i should move up there with you, i'm sick of walking around in short sleeves in mid-winter.

Nicole said...

You people are very very mean.

I'm officially a Southern convert. It's the end of January and I still refuse to admit that it's winter. I had flip flops on today. It's definitely time to make it back below the Mason-Dixon line.

Todd Jones said...

i was actually being serious. the weather is the only thing i don't like about alabama.

Nicole said...

I go back and forth on that issue. I mean, that hot, sweltering, muggy bayou thing New Orleans had going took some getting used to.

I had the advantage of trial by fire though. I had never been south of St. Louis when I went to Loyola. I played intercollegiate soccer my freshman year. Nothing will acclimate you to the heat and humidity like 3-a-days and running 2 miles, practicing, then doing sprints. After feeling that hot, nothing else seems so bad.

Also, I really really really like wearing flip flops.

But now I think I'd take that over the blistering cold, snow, ice, don't leave your house with exposed skin or don't leave unless it's absolutely necessary, thing we've got up here.

Conversely, if it's cold, you put on more clothes, and you're only outside for a little bit.

When it's as hot and muggy as it was in August in Louisiana, there's only so many clothes you can take off.

Like I said, I go back and forth. I really like the warmth and need to find somewhere where it's between 45 and 75 at all times. Spring year round. I could totally dig that.

But I think I'd miss the seasons. Leaves changing color, that sort of thing. Clearly, I have a definitive thought on this :/