Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wisconsin 82, Michigan State 63

AP Photo

The Badgers smashed not only a Big 10 opponent, but the #7 ranked team in the nation.

Up by as many as 23 in the second half, the Badgers rolled the Spartans thanks to 19 points off 14 Michigan State turnover, a 27 point performance by Chris Tucker look a like Kammron Taylor and 54% shooting from the floor.

Bo Ryan's squad kept Michigan State's vaunted "3 Big Men" down and rendering both Maurice Iger and Paul Davis basically useless in this game.

For fan fun, midget former team manager (and kid I went to high school with) Tanner Bronson got into the game for the final two minutes. The kid's a cult favorite. Apparently there was a story on him in the NYTimes this morning. I was unable to find it in a quick search, but never fear, I'll post it up later, when I can track it down.

See, I can handle football season being over when both my teams are fielding viable basketball teams.

Is it March yet?

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