Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I can barely afford my apartment and I'm still going to donate to this.


Todd Jones said...

don't let hp know.

Nicole said...

your link doesn't work ...FIX IT!

Todd Jones said...

oh forget it, here's the link:

Nicole said...

Interesting reading. Cracks me up that people are SO angry about it. I tend to just dislike USC, so I'm all for anything that discredits them. But it's pretty much all tongue in cheek. Sure, I feel like they get way too much credit for being Pac 10 champs and I think the dynasty tag is premature. I don't dispute that they are a good team. I just think that they are FAR from the best team ever.

As for the "to threepeat or not to threepeat" conversation, what I posted was the best argument I saw. Mostly I'm against the threepeat title because of the hypocrisy of the BCS. I just don't like that they can pretend like 2003 didn't happen now that they realized they messed up.

Finally, I'd like to see USC add some more quality teams to their schedule. The Notre Dame game this year was a good start, but I think they need to realize that there are teams outside of the West. This is clearly not only a problem at USC. Most college football teams don't do enough to prove their superiority over all others because they're too worried about their record. I'd rather see good teams play each other. Period.

I frankly don't care for much else other than watching some quality games. All the other crap is just about egos, dollars and other stuff I don't care about. Let people fight and debate as long as I get to see some good football on Saturdays.

I also think that whoever is behind the billboard is doing so in a joking manner. To get so upset is giving the guy exactly what he wants. He wants to ruffle feathers. HPs giving him a ton of power and exposure. Laugh at it for what it's worth and move on.

Just my 3 cents.

nico said...