Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Page 2 gets it right...

Absolutely, positively the smartest, most articulate thing I've read on Page 2 in a very long time:

2. New Orleans SaintsForgive us for going off on a rant here, but if the NFL has so much damn money, shouldn't commissioner Paul Tagliabue take some responsibility, show some true leadership and really show a united way for the NFL? Hey, it's nice to promote charitable causes with those tear-jerking commercials, but how about actually doing something that really makes a difference? After fleecing communities of literally billions to build unnecessary stadiums, the NFL should do its part to rebuild New Orleans by paying for every dime of a new stadium. Then either subsidize Tom Benson enough money to shut him up about moving the Saints, or buy him out and have the league run the team until it's ready for another owner. New Orleans has suffered enough -- it doesn't need the richest and most controlling league in the world adding to its problems.
Then again, based on the Saints' history -- just seven winning seasons, only one playoff victory, and that ESPN The Magazine cover of Ricky Williams in a wedding dress -- perhaps the most charitable thing would be moving the team to Los Angeles.

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