Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sometimes it's just nice to get out of town and hang out with friends and never once think about all the crappy stuff that may be going on back at home.

I headed up to Madison this weekend and true to my form, both the basketball and hockey teams somehow were made aware of my presence in the Kohl Center and so of course they both lost. The hockey team at least lost to the two time defending national champions. The basketball team, however, did nothing to help their street cred by losing to possibly the only state more cracker than we are, North Dakota. And not even the U-ND, but North Dakota State. Who's ever heard of North Dakota State? The mighty Bison!?

I'm seriously no longer allowed to go to games.

In my extreme intelligence, I forgot to take the digital camera with me, so all you get is this fabulous camera phone shot:

In between games we went to the Auto Show. Not really up my alley to begin with, but I can handle it by checking out the extra specially cool cars. But this is Madison. There are no cool cars. My friend Carrie and I found ways to make it entertaining. Exhibits A and B:

Also, she kept trying out the backseats to find their feasibility for extra curricular activities, if you know what I mean. She also made some country men collapse into giggling little school girls as she discussed the merits of different door handles when one has just gotten a manicure.

Also, Todd was right: Saturday made the pain all that more tangible. LSU 68, Alabama 57


Todd Jones said...

glad we could be there for you.

Nicole said...

Nice to have things you can count on!

Also, why you trying to give out my # to men with creepy 70s porn mustaches.

nico said...

UA hoops has been a futile exercise this year