Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Not too exciting..

See, you'd think this jobless thing would have some perks for at least a few days. You'd think that you could enjoy the sleeping and the lack of places to be or things to do and you'd think that you would love having the house to yourself. If you think all these things, you'd be thinking logically.

So why am I tangled in a den of illogicality? I'm totally bored and out of my mind with wanting something to do. I really have nothing to say, I'm just posting out of a misguided thought that I should.

I haven't really posted anything sports related in awhile, so let me say that I'm way stoked for my sportsrific weekend. The only day all year that Wisconsin Hockey and Basketball play on the same day and yours truly will be there for the sports nerd orgasm.

There's really nothing I could imagine doing this Saturday that would be better than seeing a Wisconsin basketball game at noon and a hockey game at 7. The hockey team's still #1 ranked and this will be my second game in a month. I guess living in Wisco and being unemployed do have their perks. I will attempt to have some pics to upload and info to impart by Sunday. Though likely not til later in the day, because as soon as I get home I'll be needing a nap.

All I'm saying is that the female sports nerd is an underappreciated artform.

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