Saturday, January 07, 2006

Fed up...

does not even begin to aptly describe how I'm feeling right now. In a non-sports related rant, I'd like to categorically say that moving back in with your mother is the single worst thing a 24 year old could think to do. Seriously, if you're considering this, run, run far far away. Live in your car. Or under a bridge. Your sanity will thank you.

So the apartment search begins in earnest tomorrow. I already saw one crappy apartment tonight and I have a bunch lined up for tomorrow. I may not be able to financially afford to move out, but I cannot emotionally afford to stay. So it's the Ramen Noodles and tap water diet from here on out.

(Consequently, the pathetic thought process of the day was one where I was thinking about what bills I'd have to pay and realized that I could get away without cable for awhile, since football season just ended and I have quite a few months before there's a necessity of Espn and Espn 2 in my life.)

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