Sunday, January 15, 2006

Budding (and by that we mean Starving) artist...

My friend bought a house last summer and has yet to decorate it. So she's enlisted my assistance as interior decorate to make the place a little less just-moved-in. First, I have to get over the fact that I have a friend with a mortgage. Second, I have to get over the fact that I'm beyond jealous that she has her own house and I live at home.

Once I passed those, she and I met last weekend in Madison and did some window shopping and this weekend she was here in Milwaukee. She likes abstract art, which isn't really my thing, but hey, it's all about personal taste. So she's looking at all these prints and posters of blocks of color and heming and hawing and finally I was like "I can make that" Now she was extremely skeptical, but she came down this weekend and let me create. And if I do say so myself, the results were rather good.

Unfortunately I am pictureless at this point, but only because it's still a work in progress. I made two canvases and she decided she wants a third. When the project is completed I promise to upload them in all their glory.

Really, this so-called project involved 3 colors of oil paint, blotches of color and some blending. Not exactly artistic genius, but she says she's happy, so what can I say? I'll take all the accolades and pretend like it was magnificent amounts of difficult work.

She is a wine and vodka freak, so I found some martini prints online that I'm going to shamelessly copy for her with some calligraphy pens and watercolors and see how they turn out.

My inner nerd is officially out and playing, displaying its multi-faceted nerd-dom. Lament not seeing the football game while creating art with a calligraphy pen and scented ink.

What can I say, I'm a complicated geek!

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