Thursday, January 05, 2006

Texas Wins!

I could not be happier that Texas won last night. And as much as I dislike the entire state of Texas, that's saying something.

As much as I hate Matt Leinart and USC and especially the Pac 10, I have to say that last night was a bit of a toss up for me.
If USC won we'd be subjected to no end of 3 peat nonsense - most annoying since they didn't so much win the BCS in 2003. In addition, they're just loudmouthed. Check out Leinart's post game quote: "I still think we're a better football team. They just made the plays in the end."

Having to listen to endless posturing from them would have been near unbearable.
The problem is that Texas is going to be no different. I just hate them less.

Texans are obnoxiously, fiercely, ridiculously proud of just being from Texas. Now they've actually got things to be excited about proud of. Makes me happy to not be down in the South, near many Texans.

That being said, Thank the lord that Texas won. I despise the Pac 10 and their posturing and pretending to be a real, competitive conference.

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nico said...

I still get hacked off hearing about the threepeat crap.

LSU won the BCS in '03 which the media conveniently ignores in light of their beloved USC dreamboys and their back to back AP titles.

The AP doesn't stack up to the BCS as far as I'm concerned since all of the big conferences agreed that's how it'd be settled.