Friday, December 30, 2005

geaux tigres

I hate that the crazy Cajuns spell Go as Geaux and I pronounce the X whenever I see it that way, so it sort of comes out Gucks ... and then just to be obnoxious I say tigres. These are things that keep me entertained.

So the LSU game was a blowout, 40-3. With 5 or so minutes left in the 4th, Miami had 13 plays for 0 yards and four 3 and outs in the second half.

There was an extraordinarily long halftime, so I flipped over to college hoops on ESPN 2. University of Ohio at Kentucky and for most of the game, Ohio had the lead. Until the final two minutes, Kentucky hadn't had the lead since the middle of the first quarter and had made only one free throw for the night.

Some interesting stats in this game, that unfortunately evened out in the final minutes. Without the last 3 minutes or so, this was a fairly ugly game for Kentucky. Tubby Smith had to make some serious adjustments for Ohio and Ohio coach Tim O'Shea's plan to stay with the Wildcats to the end actually seemed to backfire. His team was in, or dominated, most of the game and gave it away in the closing minutes. Up by as many as 9, Ohio did a great job of stealing and made Starks look like a playground hooligan. Midway through the fourth quarter, Kentucky had 18 offensive rebounds that led to 22 points. Ohio had 9 boards for 10 points and Rondo was a full 1-3 from the floor. Kentucky couldn't get any penetration in the paint.

It was like March Madness early and I couldn't help but pull for the upset, switching to the game full time, once it was obvious LSU had it in the bag. Ohio may not have come out with the W but they put up a pretty good blueprint for any team to contain Kentucky. Interesting to see if Tubby adjusts and if other teams pick up on this.

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