Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wisconsin Hockey

The Men's hockey team remained at the top of the rankings this week, heading into the Badger Hockey Showdown this weekend in Madison.

The Women's hockey team is currently ranked 3rd.

The Showdown features Wisconsin, Western Michigan, Northern Michigan and Wayne St. In a press conference Monday, hockey coach Mike Eaves addressed the lack of big names in this year's tournament

"It is more difficult every year to get teams because of the number of tournaments that are out there and the commitments already set up. I'm excited about these guys coming in. Western Michigan has beat Ohio State and Northern Michigan is always a feisty team. We're going to be challenged right away and that's good. I think when players look at that and they know those things, that will get them excited."

I'll be there for the finals on Saturday night. I'll report my findings when I return.

In other Wisconsin news, Bret Bielema's final turn as defensive coordinator for the football teams sees him asking Lombardi award semifinalist, lineman Joe Thomas, to play some Ironman football at Monday's Capital One Bowl.decimatedted defense was made even thinner in the final game of the season against Hawaii when freshman Travis Beckum sustained a knee injury. Thomas started practicing defense shortly thereafter. He's made one other appearance on the defensive side of the ball, ironically against Auburn, in the 2003 Music City Bowl, when Thomas was a freshman.

No entertaining news today, but it's a busy day at work. I'll be back Tuesday, bored and cruising the net for more entertaining things to share with you. Plus, there' s the all sports madness of the Badger Hockey Showdown, the Packer game at noon Sunday, the Capital One Bowl followed by the Fiesta Bowl, which looks to be an interesting matchup.

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