Friday, December 30, 2005

Couple of early game observations...

First some background.... so I'll admit to being a homer, but I've been out of state and been to a few other team's games and I still hold that Wisconsin fans are the most creative, most vocal, most obnoxious and meanest fans out there.

When I went to my first LSU game, I was pumped up by all the locals. 90 some thousand fans, this will be great, I'm thinking.

But I have to say, frankly, they kind of suck as fans.
Every "cheer" is initiated by the band. And there are only about 3 of them. As I'm sitting here watching the game and I can hear the band loud and clear and it just reminds me how sad it all is. LSU has this great opportunity, and I feel like it's totally wasted. These are great fans. And they're entirely led by their band.
We have the first down song. Any time the team gets a first down we hear "bum - bum bum bum. GO TIGERS!" There's also "bum. bum bum bum. bum bum buuuuummmm. (repeat) bum bum bum bum." and another that I wouldn't even begin to try and write, but I'll admit does accompany a fun dance. Besides the fight song, that's all she wrote.

Sad times.

The "meanest" cheer is the first down song, which ends in "kick their ass"

I'm a fan who likes interaction. I like variety. I like attitude. I like being rude. I like anything that demeans the other team. Screw it, it's Saturday morning and you've got 90,000 drunk kids together. I want to hear some foul language. Shouting "Tiger Bait" and anyone in opposing colors just doesn't do it for me.

For chrissakes LSU, live up to your potential. You're drunken southerners. You get days off of school for Mardi Gras, which doesn't even happen in your city. It's such a shame to see such wonderful potential go to waste.

Secondly, since it looks as though Green Bay is out of the Bush 2006 running, I'm thinking Skylar Green is a smart move. We need help at so many positions and this kid is incredibly versatile. His use as a return man alone would make him a good pick, but I think this kid looks like a Desmond Howard type opportunity. The kid is a game-breaker whenever he has the ball in his hands - whether he's a returner, receiver or back. He's taken a couple of direct snaps in this game where he is the only guy in the backfield. It's obvious he's going to take the ball and yet he's still ending up with 6+ yards. Clearly, the Pack has multiple needs and a triple threat like this would leave some open picks to rebuild our sad, sad, sad defense and O-line.

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Todd Jones said...

Green would definitely be a wise investment in a draft choice. Green Bay needs some serious rebuilding in the off season. I'm first and foremost a Steelers fan, but I'm also one of those "I'll watch Green Bay cause of Favre" kind of guys and it's been really sad viewing this season.