Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Newest Racing Sausage

In a not-exactly-subtle move, Miller Park and the Brewers announced today (though earlier reports said such a thing was to be announced Thursday) that there will be a new Racing Sausage added to the mix.

So who's the newbie? Chorizo of course!

Ok, most of the people at Miller Park can't pronounce Chorizo. (by the way, it's a spicy Mexican/Latino sausagte)

But, as Don Walker puts it over on the Journal-Sentinel website:
"We think the Brewers and Klement's are going to go with Chorizo, the Mexican sausage. Why? Well, we have a growing and vibrant Latino community in Milwaukee, and, perhaps not coincidentally, the Brewers are celebrating Cerveceros Day on Saturday at Miller Park. "

Walker also reports (obviously straight from a press release):
Chorizo is the new Racing Sausage
Chorizo, a tasty Mexican sausage, will join fellow meaty friends Hot Dog, Bratwurst, Polish and Italian as the newest member of the Klement's Famous Racing Sausages team at Miller Park.

Chorizo, who will be adorned with a sombrero and decked out in red, green and white, will be formally introduced on Thursday at a press conference at Miller Park. Latino community leaders had lobbied the Brewers and Klement's to add a Mexican mascot. The unveiling is in conjunction with Cerveceros Day, set for Saturday night at Miller Park.

The addition of a 5th Klement's Racing Sausage should provide Klement's and the Brewers with new marketing and promotional opportunities, especially in the growing Latino community.

Read that after Walker's mildly snarky comments earlier, and it's easy to see these words aren't straight from his mouth.

And finally, not that they aren't necessarily right, but don't the Latino community leaders of Milwaukee have better things to do than lobby the Brewers for their very own horrifically stereotypical running cased meat?



You just don't like latinos and don't want them to have their own sausages. I can hear you now, "let 'em go back to Mexico if they need their own sausage." Not cool nicole not cool.

Nicole said...

Which, of course, is why I majored in Spanish in college.