Sunday, July 30, 2006

Don't call it a comeback...

In true Brewers fashion, we tried to blow it, but a win this afternoon means we take the season series with the Reds 10-9, as well as the all-time series 73-72. We took 2 of 3 this time. We nearly had the third, on Friday night, as we were down by one, had men on second and third and one out. Then we grounded into a double play.

Of course, we had a 4-0 lead going into the 9th tonight, our starter was well on his way to a complete game, and then we gave up back to back homeruns (off different pitchers) and suddenly 4-3. At least this team finds new and unusual ways to keep us on our toes.

It was said this 3 game series was do or die for us. I know that 2 of 3 is better than not, but I don't know if it's enough at this point.

On the plus side, our new guys are rolling on. New pitcher Francisco Cordero got us out of a jam in the 9th tonight and worked well as a set-up man Friday and Saturday. My particular favorite new guy is Kevin Mench, who frankly just looks like he's having a good time. I appreciate that he seems genuinely happy to be here and he seems to really have rolled with the punches. On Friday night his plane landed after 9 pm. He was at Miller Park by 9:45 and in uniform before 10:00, despite is being the 9th inning. He's hitting well and he's already making a presence in the bullpen.

So it's a 2 game win streak (hey, we take what we can get!) as we head to Colorado. Then it's to St. Louis (who were absolutely OWNED by the Cubs again this weekend) and back here for a midweek series with the Cubs. I'm working on tickets for a Thursday day game. Other than that, my next trip to the ballpark is scheduled for 8/19, and then again on 9/2.

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