Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Brew Crew recap

As expected, my mere presence was enough to send the Brewers floundering, as they lost 6-1 last night. Inexplicably, starting pitcher Ben Sheets, who only gave up one run (a home run by BOOOJeromy Burnitz) was pulled and replaced for one inning by a starter - Dave Bush. And while I LOVE Bush's sock action, he really kind of sucked it up, gave up a 5 run inning and we lost!

There is good news here, though, as the Brewers traded lefty Jorge de la Rosa to KC for infield journeyman Tony Graffanino. Now we can send the completely useless Chris Barnwell back to the minors where he belongs. Three errors in the past two games and a batting average ON THE SEASON of .064 meant that this kid got booed almost as much as Burnitz last night.

One more good news tidbit:
With his home run last night, Prince Fielder broke the Brewers record for home runs by a rookie. Congratulations Prince!

(and just imagine, it's only two weeks past the All-Star Break)

And by the way, I'm seeing Rookie of the Year in his future! He's batting .475 since the break.


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaay Prince!

Anonymous said...

And lets not forget about Turnbow. He made it through an entire inning without putting a man on base. Got some help from the outfield though.

Nicole said...

I did forget about Turnbow!
Oh, Tuuuuuuuuurrrrrnnnnnnbbbbbboooooww!