Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another field trip...

I'm off to Miller Park once again tonight. This time it's to see the return of Ben Sheets from the disabled list. Sheets has been out of commission since May with, really, unspecified injuries. He's been out as long as Tomo Okha, and Ohka had a torn rotator cuff. Mostly, we heard Sheets had tendinitis.

It's probably a good thing Ohka came back. Word around the water cooler is that Sheets had to come back or risk looking even more like a wuss. This guy returns from a torn rotator cuff and you're STILL out? Suck it up Benjy, it's time to show your stuff.

The return of Sheets should be a good omen for the Brewers, who finally have a solid starting five to work with and now our bullpen woes shouldn't be so varied and prolific.
No one thinks the return of these two is an automatic fix, but we did win two straight now (thank god for small pleasures) We scored 12 runs last night.

And the latest buzz is that Carlos is staying right back where he belongs. He has looked more svelte in the past few weeks and word was he was trying to shape up and look good on the trade block, but the talking heads have changed their tune from last week and as of last night, Baseball Tonight was saying Mr. Lee is going to continue to prowl the outfield at Miller Park.

Good thing, because he was a triple away from hitting for the cycle after the third inning! He was pulled from the game shortly thereafter, thus not being able to try for that feat, but man did our bats look good last night.

In true Brewers fashion, we let a 12-2 lead slip to 12-8, but we held on (despite Barnwell's attempt at a one man-one game blooper reel)

Reports on the game, possibly some more pictures, and likely my bemoaning the loss, as I don't think I've seen them win when I've attended. I'm the bad luck omen.

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