Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hawk/Quinn Merger completed

Apparently A.J. Hawk couldn't wait for the big wedding Laura Quinn's family was planning.

Instead they got married in a lawyer's office in Green Bay!
Every girl's dream wedding, to be sure.

According to this jsonline.com article, "A source close to the situation said it was neither a family member nor friend who stood up for the couple."



I know it has been said before but please hope that one or the other of them is sterile. Those would be horrific children.

Nicole said...

with the giantest schnoze in all of christendom

Badger Tracker said...

Well, guess who's pregnant, right? Given the hype that Brady Quinn has been getting so far, there are a few good PG-13 jokes to be made comparing who's doing what to the Quinn siblings, and just how similar those activities are.