Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Favre Drama

OK, ever since this "story" broke a few weeks ago, I have felt very lonely over here on the "what an ass" train. It's nice to see that some people have finally realized that "the gunslinger" and "Green Bay's hero" is acting like a complete and utter douche.

I am (and have been) SO over Brett Favre for about 6 months now. The way his retirement was treated was an abomination of journalism. Here in Wisconsin, it was Favre 24/7 and it got ridiculous and out-of-hand. I'm sorry, but I just don't think anyone deserves the deification he received.

I tried valiantly to ignore most of this talk, from the first retirement rumor through today. I stopped watching the nightly news. I only watch Baseball Tonight, instead of SportsCenter. This is coming out more angry than I thought I was, but frankly I just wish Favre would sit down and shut up. I find it so off-putting for a guy to sit and talk about his own legacy. Maybe it's me, but I find it incredibly distasteful - too boastful, I guess. And for someone who is so self-aware of his legacy, he's certainly doing his best to flush it down the toilet.

Every 4-6 weeks since then, there's been some sort of leak about how he's going to unretire and he wants to come back. It's to the point that I feel these "leaks" were orchestrated as their timing meant that as soon as he wasn't a story and as soon as their were bigger sports stories in Wisconsin, here came another possible Favre unretirement. This latest one came just in time for the baseball All-Star Break, which I don't think is it all coincidental.

The day the Brewers signed C.C. Sabathia and the Bucks signed their draft pick, this tidbit happened on SportsCenter:
Scott Van Pelt:"What I wouldn't do to be in Milwaukee today, raise a double fister of Miller's and extend Summerfest an extra day."

Michele Tofoya : "After a hardy burp just sit back and watch first CC Sabathia get traded to the Brewers, then Richard Jefferson get introduced to the Bucks, and the likelyhood that Brett Favre will do something to trump it all because he won't be mentioned in the Wisconsin press today unless he does."

He was the butt of the joke even before this rant with Greta Van Sustern. Now he's going on to say that we don't know the whole story and Ted Thompson's not telling the truth and Brett can't trust him. O RLY Brett? Because saying you were retiring and then changing your mind totally makes you trustworthy? And while we're on the subject, I would imagine it's ard for them to trust you too, when they had a chartered jet scheduled to come down and see you 2 months ago when you first decided you were coming back, only to cancel it because you still weren't "100% committed."

And I just don't see how anyone can blame Ted Thompson at this point. The man has a team to run. He's got 80 other players to worry about. He cannot yank them around and pull the carpet out from under Aaron Rodgers because of Favre. I think it jeopardizes Ted Thompson's standing/reputation with other players - not just on the roster, but on other teams as well. If he bends to Favre, he's going to lose the trust of the other guys. I think Thompson gets a reputation as someone not looking out for all the players and it effects whether or not guys want to come here in the future.

This article
from the retirement hoopla has agent Bus Cook saying: "'nobody forced you to make this decision to retire". Interesting that now Brett's saying that Ted Thompson and that Packers forced him to make a decision.

Because how dare the leader of a professional football franchise want the most important position on the field solidified sometime before mini-camp. How dare he not want to go through the "Will He/Won't He" that we suffered through for two off-seasons prior to this. How unfair and ridiculous of him to expect to be able to make decisions for the rest of the team and not drop everything for Brett Favre.

Of course, since the story went to the media when Ted Thompson didn't return his text messages (is this how we're handling business deals now, by text?), I find it hard to imagine that Brett didn't expect Ted Thompson to drop everything.

The more this story goes on, the more I think Brett Favre is an egomaniacal jerk. Buddy, you had your chance. Ok, so you changed your mind and you need to discuss it with Ted. But Ted doesn't need to drop his vacation at your whim. You've been sitting on this for months. Wait another week. For someone who has often pontificated on how much he loves his privacy and wants respect from the media/fans in terms of personal time/space, you sure didn't give a damn about the fact that Ted Thompson was taking some personal time and you had a fit when he didn't drop everything to cater to you.

In addition, I love how you want your release, even though you have said you don't know if anyone is interested in you but you want your release "for whatever comes up", but if the Packers won't give you that, you're in no hurry for reinstatement because you don't want to pay the $15,000/day fine for not showing up to camp.

"I know this has been tough on him," Favre said of Rodgers. "And this has nothing to do with him, this whole deal."

Saying that this has nothing to Aaron Rodgers is like running off with the bride and saying it has nothing to do with the groom. You're putting his starting job in jeopardy. You're making him the ugly step-sister. You're distracting the entire club. You're ensuring that if Rodgers stumbles, he gets the "we should've brought back Favre" cold shoulder. And you admitted that you didn't really bother to work with him/teach him/mentor him as any good out-going quarterback should have. So he's gotten nothing but screwed from day 1, but you know, it has nothing to do with him.

I'm not understanding why every story about Aaron Rodgers intimates that we aren't secure in him as our quarterback because we drafted two others. Last I checked, every team carries 3 quarterbacks. We don't have any others. I'm sorry Craig Nall, but we're not willing to take the chance that you're our starter if Rodgers gets injured.

In addition, I think both Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn were steals. If Brohm comes out early, he would have been a top 10 pick. Matt Flynn is a national champion who fought for his position before. He stepped into a bowl game 2 years ago against Miami and absolutely picked them apart. He played for a top-tier program and amassed impressive numbers: he completed 245 of 437 passes (56.1 percent) for 3,096 yards, 30 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in his LSU career. He carried 128 times for 340 yards (2.7 avg) and five scores. On 565 plays, he amassed 3,436 yards in total offense. And we got him in the 7th round.

This does not mean we don't trust Aaron Rogers - it means we need 3 QBs on our roster and we weren't passing up these opportunities. Did people think it was a threat to Brett when we drafted Rodgers? NO. They knew we couldn't pass him up in that position. Much like Brohm and Flynn.

Lastly, I'm not sure I could retain my last shreds of respect for Favre if he shows up in Green Bay this weekend. I know he's supposed to introduce Frank Winters for his induction in the Green Bay Hall of Fame, but if Favre shows up, the weekend becomes ALL ABOUT HIM and I find that inexcusable. Be selfless for the first time in a few weeks, Brett. Don't spoil what the moment for Winters and Gilbert Brown. Your presence will completely over-shadow the honorees.


CaliSurf said...

I'm with you on this one, everytime that players or celebrities fall out of radar, there's coincidentally some kind of newsworthy thing that happens, and unretirement or a shaving of heads, or wardrobe malfunctions... Coincidences.. i think not!

XYZtec said...

I personally think you both are quite obtuse.This guy has been the face of the Packers and quite honestly the poster boy for the NFL.In a day when dog fighting and drug use he has been an ambassador for the game even in times of personal hardship in his own life.Hes given MORE than hes ever asked.Case in point,offering part of his salary to get Moss.To what?WIN.Through all this IF there is one man in the NFL today that can make his choices when he wants.It deserves to be him.He has simply EARNED IT.And Im tired of listening to jealous spot lighters like this.I honestly have never been much of a fan of his either,BUT the way you talk about a man that has given so much of himself in the total disrespectful way you have I think is appaulling and disgracefull.Ask yourself something.Did you hear all this garbage when MJ came back to the Bulls?NO!!!AND RIGHTFULLY SO.

XYZtec said...

PS...sorry for the typo.In the third sentence I meant to say in a OF dog fighting and drug abuse.

Nicole said...

And I totally respect your opinion. I just don't agree. I don't think that he deserves a pedestal just because he played here for so long. I don't think that he's bigger than the team and I don't think that he's earned the right to do anything.

I guess I'm not sure how you can say he's an ambassador. It's not like he's the face of the league. He's not out there doing PR or charity work. That's not to say that he doesn't do those things, but that it isn't public and therefore can't be construed as the face of the game.

In addition, this is a man who cheated on his wife, was addicted to prescription drugs and was an admitted party-er and drinker. But that all seems to be forgotten/forgiven because he's been here so long and won a ring.

I don't think those things take away from him being a great player or even a better person now, but I think they mean he shouldn't be put on a pedestal. He's human, same as anyone else.

XYZtec said...

And I respect yours as well but please base it on facts and ones that are in context.

I dont believe the time aspect allows for the pedestal but the results and contribution does.Look at them before him and after 16 years with him.What he has done for the organization and the fans morale after sucking for so long.And if hes not an ambassador then why will he be on the next madden nfl cover?Isnt madden a poster boy as well?

The second part of your comment is totally false.That he doesnt do charity??That its not public??The fourward foundation alone have given 1.5 million in 2 states alone!To top it off and say it isnt public is funny.Check his website,I think thats public enough.How about going to the south after Katrina when our own president didnt.I suggest you google favre charity.

Ok,the third part.I live in wisconsin and have for 15 years.I will tell you one thing.Partying is not out of the norm and especially at the age he did it.So that doesnt hold water.Its simply the lifestyle here,like it or not.Yes he may have commited adultery but look who he is with.His wife.They had a problem and worked it out like adults and moved on.

Now the drugs and again Ill speak from experience.I had torn 4 ligaments in my right knee 11 months ago and they prescribed vicoden for me as well.Its legal,prescribed and needed.But I can say that while in recovery I too felt the urge from the drug.So with that in mind I asked the doctor to switch my RX.That being said you must remember I was lying on the couch all day,NOT having to practice and play football at brett level on sunday.So I guess my point is your comparing apples to oranges here.Like you said hes human.But far from a dog killer drug dealer or gun carrying thug.

As for Rogers.Please.The guy hasnt even started and has been hurt twice.There is NO question we have NO confidence in him at all.


Nicole said...

It sounds like you're an apologist and I'm a realist.

I grew up here and live here now. In between, I spent 6 years in New Orleans. You don't have to explain to me about partying. I think you're making excuses/apologies. I think the guy had a wife and kids at home.

I did not say he didn't do charity, I just know that he's a guy who enjoys his privacy and therefore is not the guy out there being the face of the NFL. He didn't choose the Madden cover, so I'm not sure how you can give him credit for that. I don't think you can compare him to Peyton in terms of facetime. I believe he himself wouldn't call himself the face. He dislikes the attention too much for that now.

As someone who lived in New Orleans for 6 years and moved just 2 months prior to Katrina, I'm not going to even address that situation because it's entirely too sensitive to me and I can guarantee that you do not know anything about it in comparison. It's a highly touchy subject for me.
Let me just say that I don't think a guy returning to his home after a tragedy happens is something that makes him a good guy. It makes him human. Once again, I'm not saying he's bad, I'm just saying it's not a reason to deify him.

Here's my basic point: I'm not at all trying to put the man down. You're acting as though it's a personal attack, and I'm not meaning it to be that way. I'm saying these things to counter what you're saying. I do not walk around bad-mouthing Favre. Before this past couple of weeks, other than being sick of the constant media attention, I had no problem with him.

What I'm trying to do is be realistic and point out that he has many faults and therefore I do not believe he deserves carte blanche.
He IS NOT bigger than this team and I think his ego has taken over here. I think he's ruining his own "legacy".

XYZtec said...

And its sounds to me like your a woman who may have been cheated on because it has nothing to do with the game or how he was as a player or this situation.It was something in his closet.Like to see whats in yours.

Plus your dilluted.Not a personal attack??!!Read your article lady.Within your 2 first statements you call the man a douche.You call him distasteful-and boastful.Drop down some.Then hes in your opinion and "egomaniacal jerk".If thats not personal I dont know what is.And think about it Im sure brett has the internet as well.Id love know his feeeling on your NON-personal attack.

And lastly,Il say this on the award ceremony.He kept his word to a guy that ASKED HIM TO BE THERE.SEEMS TO ME THAT IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT IT SHOULD BE WITH WINTERS AND NOT FAVRE.And he said nothing of his situation and others said minimal.

You seem to me to simply be an unhappy person that may have been wronged in your life,but Im sure Brett had nothing to do with it.

If your gonna say it remember it and back it up.

Nicole said...

And clearly this is not a personal attack at all.

Hypocritical much?

I actually think Brett handled the Hall of Fame thing very well and plan on blogging about it when I get that chance. I was surprised and have no problem admitting when I'm wrong. I have done so in the past.

You know nothing about me, yet you've made assumptions about my past. Aren't you doing the same thing you're yelling at me for?

When I was discussing personal attacks, I meant within this comment discussion, not the original post. I apologize for not making that clear. I felt as though I was referring to multiple different things that were not necessarily kosher to the original post and I wanted to point out that I was doing so to illustrate my points, not to continue to complain about Favre.

I'm certainly far from the only person out there who has this opinion of the current Brett drama and I wonder if you're out there flaming all of them as well.

You have the right to your opinion, as do I. This is my blog, therefore it's my space to express those opinions. No one has forced you to read them and you are certainly free to have your own blog in which you express your own.

You have ignored over and over my primary point and continued to pick apart smaller parts of the discussion in order to continue your personal attacks.

Other than saying he's done a lot for the franchise and fans, you have yet to address my assertion that being a winning quarterback should not give him a free and clear ability to do what he wants.

Let me once again say that prior to last week, I liked Brett Favre. It's likely that part of the reason I'm so upset about the current debacle is that I feel he's ruining what should have been nothing but great memories for people here in Wisconsin. In 5 years, no one's going to talk about the final season, they're going to talk about this instead and I think that's a shame. The very good you've said he's done for the franchise and the fans, I feel he's single-handedly undone here in just a few days. I find that sad.