Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Packers shopping Favre

From ESPN.com:

What would NFL teams trade the Green Bay Packers for Brett Favre?

The Packers have asked multiple teams what they would be willing to offer for their team icon and former NFL MVP, the NFL Network reported -- a state of affairs once unthinkable in Green Bay.

While it is not known how many teams the Packers have contacted about Favre, they have not limited their inquiries to AFC teams, according to the report.

Favre retired in early March, but recently has been having second thoughts about playing in 2008. He has asked to be released from his contract, a request the team has no plans to grant. The team has said it is committed to Aaron Rodgers, Favre's former understudy, as its quarterback of the future.

The next step for Favre could be to petition NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for reinstatement, a move that would force the Packers to release him or place him on their active roster. But last week, Favre's agent, James "Bus" Cook, said Favre has no plans to do so immediately.

According to the report, one NFL executive speculated that the Packers simply are completing their due diligence on a potential trade market for Favre before deciding whether it would be worth dealing him.

Favre's contractual rights belong to the Packers until his current deal expires after the 2010 season.

Green Bay's players report to training camp on Monday, with the first practice Tuesday.


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