Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Muscle

This Fantasy article names Russell one of the biggest regrets of the first-half. As in, wish you had him on your team...

The first half of this season has been excruciatingly unpredictable, and baseball fans across America are grinding their teeth in search of a logical explanation to a maddening last few months.

Which means only one thing: Fantasy owners everywhere are in a uniquely painful state of retrospective agony. No one -- not even me - could've seen this all coming when they made their preseason draft picks. It simply wasn't possible.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the first half's 10 players who inspired the most regret, and tell me you saw it all coming:

9. Russell Branyan, 3B, Brewers: Here's one that even the most knowledgeable of gurus couldn't have seen coming. Branyan rang up a .193 average for three teams last season and began this year at Triple-A Nashville. Then, he ate an entire box of Russell BranCrunch and blasted eight homers with 15 RBIs in the first three weeks of June. Hungry? Grab a bowl.

This article is a mid-season review and has the best possible title for Russell:

"...and surprise contributions from role players like three-true-outcomes overlord Russell Branyan."

It also includes this: "The possibility of a Cubs-Brewers NLCS to decide the pennant, with long-suffering fans of both teams yelling at each other from 90 miles away, is almost too good to imagine. Plus, then maybe we could finally push Favre Watch to the sidelines for good."

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