Thursday, July 24, 2008

Analyzing the Brewers

Ok, on BB Tonight they were talking about our game just now and how baserunning mistakes were a big issue and that we're leaving the Cards in the game instead of blowing this wide open. They pointed out the first inning in which Rickie hit the double and never looked over to the third base coach, thereby ending up on second instead of third. He allowed the SS to deke him.

They also brought up Rickie getting picked off in the third. They froze frame and showed how Molina set up outside and because he's Molina, Rickie should have taken that as a sign and stayed closer to the bag. Here's the freeze frame of where Molina set up to begin with and where he was on that pitch. The highlighted one is where he started the AB, the one to the left is where he ended up being set before the pitch.

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