Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last night

Our cable didn't get back to us til the 3rd inning and Sheets was done by the 6th, so I'll admit I couldn't stomach watching a lot of last night. I'm trying to stay super detached because I remember how heartwrenching each loss was earlier in the season when I was SO wrapped up in the team, so I can only imagine how it would go now.

Over at Brewers Bar, they have no such qualms about being involved and placing blame:

Ned F’ing Yost

The Cubs beat the Brewers 7-1 Tuesday night at Miller Park. I could only stand to stomach the breakdown through the sixth inning before I got up and left. Ben Sheets took the lost but I blame Ned Yost.

Yost left Sheets in the game to give the game away with not even going out for a mound visit. Sheets gave up three runs and loaded the bases before recording an out in the sixth inning. It was at that point that Yost came to the mound to replace Sheets with Carlos Villanueva.

Last night’s loss was heart-breaking and tonight’s game was just plain frustrating. The Cubs have done a great job by beating the two Milwaukee aces. All credit goes to them for that. Luckily, the Cubs only gained one game each night so the Brewers are only three games back. Tomorrow is a new day and the Crew will send Manny Parra to the mound to stop the losing streak that now sits at three.


Between Ned's lack of mound visit/control here and the complete uselessness he showed with Suppan over the weekend (WHY OH WHY DOESN'T HE PUT MCCLUNG IN?) - Ned's back on the crap list.

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