Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ray Durham is a Brewer

Someone asked me on the UniWatch boards a few minutes ago if he was a Brewer yet and I had this to say... (the board's in EST)

#77 by Nicole on 07.20.08 7:00 pm | Quote

Not yet. Rumor is that it’s close, but the Brewers GM was mum before today’s game.

I’m thinking he’s getting on our team plane after today’s game, though.

Bill Schroeder and Brian Anderson just said "Guess we'll have another guy on the plane ride home." They said they found out via text message from the Brewers front office. Love it.

Call me Kreskin!

edit: article:

SAN FRANCISCO -- Brewers manager Ned Yost made it abundantly clear Sunday that Rickie Weeks is his leadoff man and second baseman, but Weeks will have some company for the rest of the season.

The Brewers on Sunday finalized a trade with the Giants for veteran switch-hitting second baseman Ray Durham, who did not play in any of the three games between the teams at AT&T Park this weekend. The Giants said he had the flu.

Headed to San Francisco in the trade were fleet-footed outfielder Darren Ford from Class A Brevard County and Triple-A Nashville left-hander Steve Hammond.

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