Sunday, April 09, 2006

We win! We win!

Wisconsin Badgers beat Boston College 2-1, win men's Hockey National Championship.

This was a crazy good game. Tied 1-1 for most of the game, Wisconsin finally scored on a power play goal with 10:00 left in the game. B.C. made a charge with a minute left and actually hit the inside of the post with about 2 seconds left, just barely missing sending the game into overtime.

The win mean's that Wisconsin is the first ever school to hold the title in both men's and women's hockey.

I'm sure no one's really holding their breath for my update on going to the semis on Thursday and the skills challenge, Hobey Baker presentation on Friday so I'm delaying it some more.

Read more on the game and see video





and here

Watch the video to see Wisconsin stand out Robbie Earl get whacked, start to skate for the bench in pain, realize the team is on the offensive and put in a goal, all in about 20 seconds.

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