Sunday, April 23, 2006

So funny..

Just once, I want a man to say to me:

"When you wake up, I will make you French toast. If French toast is not what you desire, I will find another nationality of toast that suits you. I will not rest until I find this perfect nationality of toast, even if I have to swim all the way to Austria for it. After I find and make the toast, and you eat it, we will freak once more."

From a column in the Onion by Smoove B, the love man.


Dave said...

Ha Ha - This reminds me of the scene from "White Men Can't Jump"

Rosie: I'm Thirsty Billy.
Billy: Okay,I'll get u some water.
Rosie: No stupid, don't just get me water, I want you to understand what it means to thirst!
Billy: Whatever, you chicks are crazy. When I want some water I just friggen say so...


Dave I think what these two situations realy say is that what women really want is for men to be mind readers.

Nicole said...

Hey, I get the problem with the White Men Can't Jump comment, but I fail to see how you can disparage me for the Smoove B comment.

What's wrong with wanting multi-national toast?