Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Badger update

Apparently Booker Stanley, #1 failure of the Wisconsin Badgers football team and accused (on 2 different counts) felon, has decided to try his luck elsewhere in the state. Stanley is supposedly in contact with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, last year's D3 runners-up.

According to the article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Antonio Freeman (no, not that one) who is currently suspended from the team for marijuana busts, spoke with the coach at Whitewater. There is no penalty for transferring from D1 to D3. The players do not have to sit out. According to the Whitewater coach, Stanley hasn't yet contacted him.

I sure hope the Whitewater coach tells Stanley, at least, to take a hike. You reached the national championship last year. You don't need him. Especially when he ends up in jail. Be a good role model for your athletes and the community.

Booker Stanley, #1 jackass.

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