Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dem der Packers, ya der hey!

Ok, here's the thing. Favre being back means little until the hopelessly crappy and totally useless front office and coaching staff make some strides toward committing to making this a decent team.

The offensive line is a big question mark, since we lost most of last year's starters to free agency. Center Mike Flanagan is a big loss. As I said to Todd earlier, the scariest thing for a Packer fan is Brett Favre scrambling around behind the line of scrimmage, throwing whatever he can find. With the holes in the offensive line, I'm afraid this is an image we're going to see a lot of. Once upon a time, scrambling Favre was as good as it could get. But after last season, and with a bunch of no names on the field, I don't really have the faith that this is a good situation. Edgar Bennett, Javon Walker, et al were used to these crazy passes and could adjust.
Losing C Mike Flanagan to Houston was painful, though supposedly we have a groomed replacement in 3rd year Scott Wells. But according to the current roster, the 3 guys we have listed at center don't even comine for 10 years of experience.

Projections have shown us taking AJ Hawk, who along with recent signee Ben Taylor, could be a big boost as OLBs, but basically we're talking a young, young team.

The biggest disappointment throughout this who debacle hasn't been Brett Favre's wavering, it has been the lack of moves made by the Packers front office. Free agent after free agent left the team, while few were signed.
Rumor is that Favre literally begged LaVar Arrington to play here, and Green Bay offered him the most money, but the team was so unappealing that he inked a deal with the Giants instead.

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