Saturday, April 01, 2006

Homage to Joel..

So over at ESG, Joel has decided to undertake a project to see a game at every DI football stadium.

I applaud this project! I'm probably the only chick in the world that is jealous and damn willing to try and undertake a similar project.

I've never made it official, but over the past few years I've made sure that I can check some more stadiums on my list. I figure once a season I'll do an away game with Wisconsin football. Last year I went to Northwestern, but that's not saying much, as I was able to take the commuter train there in under an hour. This year I'm planning on meeting up with a sorority sister who's at grad school at Purdue.

I just stopped mid post and did some research and found the Wisconsin is playing at Michigan on September 23. The same day, Notre Dame is playing at Michigan State. This search started because I would have to drive through, or at least near, South Bend to get to Ann Arbor, which is basically a suburb of Detroit. So of course I checked the Notre Dame schedule.

East Lansing and Ann Arbor are a whole 60 miles apart. If one of these games is a day game and one's a night game, this is SOOOO my road trip for next season.

(My mom just added that I should see a Baseball or Football game that Sunday, to complete the trifecta, but the Tigers are at KC and that's Detriot's bye week. However, I will have to drive through Chicago on my way home, so it could be a stop at Soldier Field, even though I've been there before, to complete the weekend.)

My only problem now is finding someone actually willing to do this with me.

But back to my original idea for posting, trying to remember what stadiums I've actually been to.

College Football
Camp Randall - University of Wisconsin
Death Valley - LSU
Ryan Field - Northwestern University
Superdome - Tulane
Raymond James for the Outback Bowl

County Stadium - Old Brewers
Miller Park - Brewers
Wrigley Field
Minute Maid Park
Busch Stadium

Lambeau Field

I've been to all other Wisconsin stuff .... Bradley Center, Kohl Center .. anywhere Wisconsin and Marquette play...

I've also been to the United Center in Chicago for a Blackhawks game.

Ok, that list is less impressive than I'd like, but hey, I'm 24 and I'm a chick, I think I'm doing pretty well....


nico said...

I've been to a decent amount of stadiums for soccer games too:

Orange Bowl
Legion Field
Crew Stadium
Soldier Field
Reliant Stadium
The Coliseum (Nashville)

Nicole said...

Surprisingly enough, I haven't been to many marquee soccer games. Only thing I've really seen on a major level is the world cup in 94 in chicago. But I figure if there's only gonna be one, Germany vs. Bolivia was a pretty good choice.