Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reggie Bush: prime time idiot

The Bush family house debacle...

I mean really, how dumb can you be? The whole thing is shadier than Eminem and the stories the lawyers keep putting out to cover it up are so incredibly flimsy and useless. The latest says that Bush, like many other 20 year olds, had no idea what his parents household or financial situation was, so there's no way he could be aware of what was going on with the house.

How quickly we're gotten away from the denial and have moved into the justification. .

Of course, the Bush family stealthily moving out of the house quickly and mysteriously the day after someone started asking questions doesn't really help keep a squeaky clean image on this one.

On the flip side of the coin, it's awfully fishy that this story just happened to break in the week prior to the draft. No one noticed the Bush family's move from apartment to mansion? No one questioned or thought it was shady? The question I most want answered is why this story is just now breaking. I'm not saying the allegations aren't valid, I just think there are some alterior motives here.

But as MZone points out, the worst part is that Bush will still get drafted and be off making his millions in the NFL and those who'll suffere sanctions are the guys still playing at USC. Once again, the culprit gets off scott free.

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