Friday, May 05, 2006

In my defense...

and in response to Nico,

I have no issues with Tuscaloosa!

I just like ribbing you all. I meant no offense (though I AM a bit offended by his referring to the Badgers as an upstart football team).

And I really love Madison. And he himself even said that he didn't have any idea how beautiful it is.

Madison's great because it's an Isthmus (a strip on land in between 2 bodies of water)
Lakes Monona and Mendota make for some pretty scenery. As you can see in the pic below, at some points there's only a few blocks between the lakes.

And I have no problem with Tuscaloosa and I'm sure you Alabamans get as much crap as I do, though at least Alabama isn't forever linked with, well anything, like we are to beer and cheese. And the beer part I can handle. But the people of America are literally retarded when it comes to Wisconsin.

"Do you eat cheese?" "Do you live on a farm?" "DID YOU RIDE A COW TO SCHOOL?!?"

Are you kidding me? Not only is my city bigger than yours, you ignorant fool, but really, even if I lived in the middle of nowhere, when was the last time you heard of someone saddling up old Bessie?

But since Nico is constantly posting pretty and scenic pictures, I'll give Tuscaloosa the benefit of the doubt and I'll make him rue the day he issued the invitation and offer of use of the season tickets!

Besides, T-Town doesn't have to deal with snow, below zero weather or that thing we call winter.

Exhibits A and B, the University Terrace and snow on the Capitol Dome. (though little miss golden Foward does look untouched)

Anyway, the point is, I'm sure Druid City (best city nickname ever!) is loverly and I'll be sure to check it out soon and report back!


nico said...

...though at least Alabama isn't forever linked with, well anything, like we are to beer and cheese.

Most people tend to link us with illiteracy, ignorance and racism. I'd take a beer & cheese association any day of the week!

Wisconsin is by no means an upstart football program...I just had to get my digs in!

Seriously, you should come for a game. I've had several out of towners visit for games before. It'd be rocktacular.

nico said...

Oh, and I used to get those type of ignorant comments about being from Alabama when I lived in Florida.

My old boss from Vermont used to ask me if I was from the woods and crap like that. I'd say, "No, but you are. The city I grew up in has a bigger population than the entire state you're from."

He didn't so much like that. I last two months at that job. He was an asshat.


ALABAMA Man comes standard with bowling ball action. Greatest fake commercial of all time.

nico said...

For those of you that don't know what Alabama Man is, just click here.

So...uhhh...yeah...we have plenty to deal with regarding discrimination based on place of origin.


Thanks nico, lovin that.

Nicole said...

You CANNOT steal bowling. You just don't have claim. Not only did my parents meet because they worked at an alley together, but my dad was thisclose to joining the Tour. Also, Milwaukee is home to the American Bowling Congress Headquarters and Hall of Fame. (all together now oooh OOOH oooooo)

Todd Jones said...

did you just have an internet orgasm?

Anonymous said...

as far as i know, you're not from madison nor have ever lived there...

Nicole said...

Does that preclude me from enjoying it or thinking it's a great place?

Also, I could have said many similar things about Milwaukee, the postcard just happened to be from Madison.

Finally, your comments would get a lot more respect from me if you'd have the guts to put your name on here and stop being anonymous.