Thursday, March 30, 2006

Why I read blogs more than Espn, SI, etc...

This gem came from Chris West, the Wisconsin basketball guru. And it's something I haven't read or heard from anyone that's actually getting paid to talk about this crap:

3) Best thing about George Mason’s run to the Final Four? Look at who they beat. They’ve won four games so far, and three of those games came against Michigan State, North Carolina and Connecticut, three of college basketball’s most consistently powerful programs. Short of knocking off Duke as well, there’s not too many other big-name programs that the Patriots could have toppled. It’s neat that George Mason is at the Final Four, but it’s even neater when you consider that they had to knock off three teams that consider the Final Four almost an every-other-year trip.

This is an ohsoobvious point that I'm surprised no one's picked up on. And it makes me have that much more respect for GM.

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