Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Started a new job Monday

It's still too early in the annoying training faze to decide whether or not it will suck. Thus far I'm finding little time to balance said job with personal life, which means I'm currently sacrificing sleeping time in order to check my email and update. So until I figure out how to balance all this crap (and how to figure what sites I can and cannot access from work) things around here may be a bit slow.

Though, I'm sure by Thursday and Friday's games I'll have something to say. Except for this week I can't do nothing but sit around and watch basketball.

Seriously, I feel like last weekends games were forever ago because I'm anticipating this weekend's games so much. Cheesy, I know, but I love the drama of this year's tournament and I want to know who's the next to go down. Also, in my pool, Todd picked Alabama and UAB to the final, with UAB winning ... and he's still in the middle of the standings!

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