Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tourney Time

I'm just now getting caught up on the brackets because I was in Chicago for my first ever NHL game. Then I drove home through tornado watches, hail and crazy downpour. Finally, I couldn't wait to get the heckling in. Now that that's all out of the way, Wisconsin's matchups are thus:

#7 Marquette vs #10 Alabama Thursday noonish in the Oakland regional in San Diego

Winner meets UCLA/Belmont on Saturday.

#8 Arizona vs #9 Wisconsin Friday noonish in the Minneapolis regional in Philadelphia

Winner meets Villanova/play in game on Sunday.

#11 UWM vs #6 Oklahoma Thursday noonish in the Minneapolis regional in Jacksonville

Winner meets Florida/S. Alabama on Saturday.

Notice UWM and Marquette play at basically the same time. This no good. No good at all. I'm going to end up being at some mutliple screen bar by myself muttering about Elephant Tides and dirty Sooners.

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