Monday, March 06, 2006

Mini Oscar thoughts

* Seriously, what exactly was Charlize Theron wearing. I've seen her out and about before. I'm convinced this is one of those gowns that looked stunning in person but didn't translate on TV. I'm just saying, she's like 6 feet tall. She's gorgeous. Does she really need that thing on her shoulder. Also, there was some sort of green fur wrap involved. I NEED a full shot of this.

*Jennifer Garner's post pregnancy boobs are absolutely huge. Biggest stunner of the night. Then she tripped and I thought they were going to pop out. I swear I paused and rewound her entrance a good three times. Go watch 13 going on 30, then look at a pic of her last night. We're talking less than A cup to at least a C. Amazing.

* While I'm on boobs, Nicole Kidman's keep shrinking. I propose there's a corrollary between how big and stiff her forehead gets and how small her boobs get. The side shots of her on the red carpet were NOT flattering.
** As an addendum, do you think she strictly forbids Keith Urban from walking the red carpet with her? Like she realizes his fabulosity far outweighs hers and that she looks increasingly like a plastic barbie doll next to him?

* I've heard a lot about Jon Stewart and I have to say that I am unconvinced that the flat broadcast was his fault. Clearly we were not seeing 100% all out Jon Stewart. I'm pretty sure he's funnier than that in his sleep. Whoever told him to tone it down should be beaten.

*This was the first year that I had actually seen most of the movies nominated. That rarely happens. It was nice that it was less pretentious and movies that the general public actually watches were honored. Of course, everything I've read has talked about how crappy this year's nominations were. Why is it so bad that we might actually know what the hell is going on?

*There was an absolute lack of stunning dresses. For that matter, aside from Theron, there was a lack of horrible dresses as well. It was a pretty boring, safe red carpet. Must have made E!'s 10 hours of coverage a bit difficult. I mean sure, Jessica Alba and Keira Knightley looked great, but I don't know that they were anything to write home about. I felt like Alba's dress made her pretty fabulous rack look flat and halfway to her hips.

I guess that's all I've got. Lots of boob comments for you!

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