Saturday, March 25, 2006

Chick Hockey

University of Wisconsin to meet Minnesota in Women's Hockey Championship game.

Not so sadly, as stated below, there will be no chance of a duplicate match up on the men's side, since Minnesota punked out in the first round.

This will be the sixth meeting of these two teams this year, with Wisconsin having won 4 of the 5 games.

The Badgers defeated St. Lawrence to make the final, while Minnesota upset #1 New Hampshire to gain their berth.

The Championship will be played Sunday afternoon in Minnesota and broadcast on CSTV.

The Badgers have had major contributions in the postseason by freshmen. Tia Hanson, who's from Medicine Hat, Alberta ( I really just needed an excuse to type Medicine Hat) scored the lone goal to defeat St. Lawrence and freshman goalkeeper Jessie Vetter made 14 saves in the first period, which included 6:00 of power play minutes for SLU.

Wisconsin has now won 11 consecutive games. UW’s last loss was 3-1 setback at home against Minnesota on Feb. 10.
I dont know if that's good news or bad news. Either way, this is bound to be some fun stuff.

Plus, the men play tomorrow at 1:30 CST and if they win they're on at basically the same time as the women on Sunday.


Newspaper Hack said...

Are hockey girls from the northern Midwest as scary or more scary than field hockey girls from Virginia? You know, butch lesbians that'll break your legs and fighteningly-aggressive straight girls. Wait -- I think I already know my answer.

Nicole said...

No. They're just Canadian.

Newspaper Hack said...

Should I ever be around, I'll make sure to bring a case of Molson and wear my Gretzky jersey from his days with the Oilers.

And my cup. Because you never know about gals wielding large sticks.