Saturday, March 04, 2006

One more reason to hate Matt Leinart:

Thank you Go Fug Yourself

And then, despite the fact that he's not so much a celebrity as a celebrity-banger, here's former USC quarterback and soon-to-be-bajillionaire Matt Leinart.
Is it raining there on the carpet? It doesn't look like it, but that would seem to be the only explanation for this "Bachelor Bob meets Adam Levine meets something from Ben Stiller's collection of wigs to be deployed for cinematic parody and hilarity" disaster. It looks plopped on his head with all the ceremony one would afford tossing a garbage bag into the dumpster. The pervy-perilous glint in his eye that says, "I'm'a suffocate you later with my 'pigskin,' you dirty dead minx," certainly doesn't help.
Yet that thing definitely makes him look lot more sexually ambiguous, in a way; this might be Nick Lachey's signal that one half of the same-sex couple everyone's rooting for might finally be ready to settle down -- or at the very least, sit around brushing each other's hair talking about boys and calories and dreamy, dreamy Jake Ryan.

Personally, I think he looks like a younger, pervy-er Pete Rose. And why would anyone go for that look? I mean, I guess when I was done throwing up in my mouth I could agree that Matt Leinart possessed a certain SoCal look that some might find appealing. But this? This looks like he just starred in a high school version of Julius Ceaser. He looks special ed. I'm sticking with my first thought. Extra creepy Pete Rose.

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