Thursday, September 25, 2008

More than you might want to know about Prince

Yesterday's picture of Prince Fielder rounding the bases (shown below) caused quite a furor over the apparent Brewers underwear Prince was wearing. I actually first noticed the blue sticking out of the pants in this picture. Check out Bill Hall.

Well apparently the idea of Brewers underwear or compression shorts is just too good to be true and the story is all over the place

And then, of course, there's the below piece, which is just too great not to post in it's entirety.

Prince Fielder wears Brewers Underwear

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We see London, we see France … we see Prince ’s Underpants!!

Prince Fielder wins it for the Brew Crew

So last night, Prince Fielder hit a two-run Walk Off Home Run to beat the Pittburgh Pirates and kept the Milwaukee Brewers a mere one game behind the Mets in the race for the National League Wild Card (which they’re going to win).

As he rounded the bases, Fielder started untucking his shirt … which has become a victory celebration for the Brewers this season, as a tribute to teammate Mike Cameron’s working class dad (I learned that from the fabulous Uni Watch).

But as he untucked his shirt … Prince let everybody see his underwear. Let’s tempt fate and zoom in on the waistline of baseball’s resident vegetarian fattie …

Prince Fielder wears Brewers underoos

That is way more Prince Fielder than I ever needed to see.

It might be briefs, it might be boxers, it might be a jockstrap, but whatever it is that’s holding Fielder’s junk in place … it’s got a Brewers logo on the elastic.

ToolshedPrince is actually wearing compression shorts made by a company named TOOLSHED, which specializes in underthings with funky designs on the waistband.

Best … Underwear Name … EVER.

I talked to Toolshed’s Sales/Marketing guy … and as of yet, Toolshed does not have a marketing license with MLB Properties. So there’s no closeup pics of the gear and you can’t buy anything with MLB logos on it from them … unless you happen to crush game-winning home runs for an MLB team like the Brewers.

It’s just as well. 7,193 Brewers fans would just pee in them when the Brew Crew overtakes the Mets and wins the NL Wildcard later this week.

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