Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Yesterday's disgrace (and the game before that as well) is persona (game-a?) non grata to me, so instead, let's focus on the positives!

There was a rare bases-loaded, no out, 1-2-3 double play turned yesterday. Watch it here.

Also on that page, Jason Kendall's 2-run homer. Let's repeat. Jason Kendall. Not a home run hitter. Edinson Volquez. Not a home run pitcher. You do that math.

On Sunday, we were well on our way to getting embarrassingly Perfect Gamed by the Padres' Chris Young. The further the game went, the more we warred with whether we wanted to be able to say we saw a perfect game or whether we wanted the Brewers to break it up because we didn't want the embarrassment of being perfect gamed by the frickin' Padres.

Of course, Gabe Kapler - the man, the myth, the legend himself, hit a homerun and broke up the potential no-no in the 8th. Mat Gamel doubled the hit count to 2 with his first major league his - a double - in the 9th.

My heart was warmed a little by the number of people who left the game once the no-no was broken up. It was a bobblehead giveaway day and that doesn't usually lend itself to a stadium full of hardcore fans. I thought it was great that so many people knew that they were watching something big and despite the fact that the Brewers were getting shellacked, stuck around. There's hope yet.
As an aside, can someone please make a definitive decision on what "No-no" means. Some people say any no hitter is a "no-no." Some say a "no-no" means a perfect game - no hits, no walks. The grammar perfectionist in me agrees with the second explanation. A no hitter is one no. Why double it? At that point you're making it just one syllable less than no hitter, so you're not really shortening it. It's like the term "no-no" is hip and cool and people using it think they're sounding smarter about the game - proving their baseballness as it were - but it really bugs me.

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